In my years of academic coaching, I’ve noticed that the clients who reach out to me regularly are the ones who experience the biggest support and growth from our work together.

Check out this text exchange with a college student who is also my friend on Facebook:

photo (1)

And here’s another exchange a few hours later:

photo (3)

I’m so impressed with how often this woman reaches out to me for support via text message. When I tell my clients, “You’re not just paying for me by the hour, you’re paying for me to be PRESENT to you during the ups and downs of the semester,” I’m not joking!

Celebrating our successes with others AND requesting reality checks when we need them are truly, highly, advanced human skills. I’m so lucky that I get to help young people practice their self-advocacy skills in such a fun, meaningful way.

What trusted mentors can you reach out to regularly? I’d love to hear!