Best Coach EverEvery New Year I do a goal-setting process called the Best Year Yet.

One of the things they ask us to do is create an “empowering paradigm” for the year. This year mine is (drum roll, please!)…

… overflow with me!

I feel really jazzed by this statement in at least two ways:

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For example, I have a timer that goes off every 15 minutes – Ding! – to remind me to stand up and sit down again (so that I don’t hurt my body with too much sitting).

I used to turn this timer off during my sessions with clients, but one day I accidentally left it on. When the timer went off, – Ding! – I was embarrassed, but told my client what it was for. “What a good idea!” this 16 year old said. “Don’t turn it off. Instead, let’s stand up and sit down together!”

I was floored that he didn’t think I was too weird, and he was willing to practice with me.


Today during a session with a parent, I decided to leave it on. I warned this father that I’d be standing/sitting every 15 minutes. The first time I did it alone; the next time he stood/sat along with me. And then HE commented what a good practice this is! How fun to be joined…

I’m really looking forward to a 2014 filled with me giving myself permission to be my full, quirky, creative self…no holds barred!

And turns out…


When I’m fully myself, I have fun…and others have fun too!!! Both the father AND my client actually JOINED ME in standing & sitting every 15 minutes. They were happy to “overflow WITH me.”

Which brings me to the second way my empowering paradigm inspires me: it’s an invitation to the world to overflow with me.

For example, I’m beginning to produce engaging courses that share important — and fun!! — ¬†academic life skills with a vaster audience.


It’s only been 9 days in 2014, but already I experience my empowering paradigm working for me.

So, what’s YOUR empowering paradigm for 2014?

Take a moment to notice how you limited yourself last year? What beliefs held you back?

Make a list of the ways you limited yourself, and then turn it around! What’s the OPPOSITE of that belief? THAT is your empowering paradigm for the year.

I’d love to hear your empowering paradigm, or even help you draft it for yourself. Please comment below if you’d like help!