How Not To Make Stupid Mistakes in College, Part 2

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Have you ever made a mistake that left you feeling, well, stupid? It’s an ugly word, stupid (unless you pronounce it the British way – styu-pid – which sounds a bit more sophisticated). Feeling stupid is also a pretty yucky emotion.

I’m tempted to reassure you that there are NO stupid mistakes. After all, we learn from our mistakes; they are one of the most golden educational opportunities we have!

However, it IS POSSIBLE to lessen the number of silly mistakes we make. To approach new experiences — like the move to college — in some really smart ways.

Last week I introduced you to my first tip for how not to make stupid mistakes in college: to know yourself  — you strengths and your challenge areas — so that you are not headed into your new experience blind. I’m talking rigorous honesty, here!

This week I’ve got tip #2 for how not to make stupid mistakes in college:

Finally, you might also like to check out College Survival 101. It’s a laid back & fun summer experience that will also help you rock the transition to college…and make fewer silly mistakes because you will have gotten yourself prepared.

If College  Survival 101 is not for you, but you know a new freshman who needs it, please pass this along. It starts July 15, so time is of the essence!

4 thoughts to “How Not To Make Stupid Mistakes in College, Part 2”

  1. Ah, what a great reminder. One of my challenges / trouble spots that I’m facing is organizing my work…I have a tendency to just jump in and start responding to emails and the phone…but when I don’t take time to review the less pressing but also important things I need to do I loose track of them. So, this morning I am envisioning walking into my office, taking a deep relaxing breath and before I open the computer or check voicemail, I’m taking out my lists of things to do and reviewing to determine what needs attention today.

    Thank you for the reminder!!

  2. I like the pace of this one and the one topic content: easy to remember, even for an old codger! In fact, I’m going to use the idea in this one myself as I prepare for a cello audition. Thanks for the reminder about mental rehearsal!

  3. Thanks, TraceyJoy, for YOUR wonderful reminder to ME. I’m going to take a quick minute before I hit “reply” and envision myself doing the exact same thing!!

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