Art Every Day Month: Days 3 & 4

Over the last couple of days, I used Art Every Day as an excuse to decorate a planner as a gift for my academic coaching mentor, Beth Samuelson. (Note to Beth: Surprise!).

Last week a colleague sent me an email with some amazing National Geographic images. I printed them out in black and white  and then cut out my favorites. This turtle is so jubilant, I couldn’t help but add the quote “I love organizing!” That’s hopefully how our teen clients feel when we’re done working with them.

There were other sweet animal pictures. Here’s what the entire planner page looks like:

For any of you curious about why I made a cover to a planner: I’ve been experimenting with using the Levenger Circa Planner as a basic format for teens to organize themselves. I’m finding that my teen clients are more likely to carry their planner, and to use it, if it looks fun and personalized.

In the weeks to come, I’ll be blogging more about the planner. I’m thrilled with all the different ways that my clients are designing their planners — both the artistic covers and the ingenious organizational systems inside —  and I’ll be sharing some of their personalized systems with you all. Stay tuned…

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