Library zlib project


“I want me some of THAT!” was my reaction when Jennifer Lee showed me her business plan —  a hand-made, collage-covered 3″x5″ accordion book all about Jenn’s business Artizen Coaching. That was a year ago.

This weekend I finally GOT me some of that, by attending Jenn’s workshop on The Right-Brain Business Plan. She provided all the art supplies, and led us seamlessly through visualizing, brainstorming, and collaging, and now I have the beginnings of my very own fancy-schmancy business plan. (Still need to add a lot to the plan, but how great to have the draft!)

RBBPdraft The picture above is a close up of one of my favorite pages on the plan. There’s a woman with wings, and a hot air balloon flying high over a map.  Over the next month I’ll be adding words and numbers so that the creative vision is bolstered by a practical plan.  I’ll blog about it here so you can watch the businesses unfold — quite literally! Stay tuned for more info about how I plan to grow academic coaching and the MuseCubes.

Speaking of MuseCubes, did you notice them in the pictures? What a joy and an honor to have Jenn infuse “MuseCube Moments” into the workshop. Jenn sensed when the rest of us were hyper focused on our art-making and needed a little shaking up.  She rolled the cubes and got the entire group bouncing and howling, twisting and groaning.  Although I originally invented the Cubes for individuals, they’re clearly a perfect tool for groups too.

In fact, do you know any group facilitators who’d love a new tool to get their groups to shake things out? They make an inexpensive yet unique (and practical!) holiday gift! Order sets at