The Joy Diet on my pantry shelf

Yay! It’s here. Day one of  The Joy Diet Discussion Group hosted by the luscious Jamie Ridler.  We’re supposed to introduce ourselves today, so here’s my list of things I could talk about (if I had time, but I don’t, so I’ll just list them):

I could talk about…

how I just took the keyboard on my MacBook replaced because it got filthy during my reckless Wreck This Journal adventure (also hosted by Jamie, gotta love ‘er).

…ordering Martha Beck’s The Joy Diet: 10 Practices for  Happier Life over a month ago, but needing to hide it so I wouldn’t peek (I’m not very good at delayed gratification)

…the excitement I felt opening the book this morning and reading the Introduction.

I could also talk about…

…the fact that the word “diet” first entered the English language in 1656 and meant “a way of living or thinking”  followed by “a day’s journey” (Martha Beck, p. 1, The Joy Diet). You mean diets don’t have to be about food, withholding and suffering?

… looking at the clock just now, noticed how long I’ve been slouching at my computer, and going downstairs to dance wildly to Mika’s Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) for 4 minutes.

…my concerns about the first Joy Diet assignment: doing nothing for 15 minutes a day. What will I do?! Oh, right. Nothing.

…this story, told to me by a former pastor:

The best advice I ever got was from a nun, who told me that everyday I should do something, anything, and nothing. Something = a meaningful task I have planned to do. Anything = a spontaneous choice. Nothing =  nothing!”

…wondering: does meditation count as “nothing” or “something”?

Yep. Still got stuff I could talk about…

…hoping that some of my non-blogging friends will pick up the book, too, so we can read it together.

…feeling hungry. I think I’ll go make lunch, and then set the timer for my first 15 minutes of nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Next Friday I’ll let you know how it goes.

…how much I love this process of telling One Sentence Stories by completing the phrase “I could talk about…” It comes from InterPlay, which provides an incredible set of tools for group facilitation, personal & community health, improvisational performance — and just plain fun!

Until next week, hugs and squishes to one and all.