Wreck This Journal Week One


Welcome to Week One of The Next Chapter: Wreck This Journal.

I’m completely and utterly thrilled to be participating in a creative book brigade with Jamie Ridler and  a whole crew of amazing bloggers.  This summer we’re “reading” — Ahem!  Perhaps it’s more accurate to say we’re “destroying” — the book Wreck This Journal.

Watch me as I destroy this beautiful book — this morning I go at it with coffee stains, orange juice, and a smashed flower.

It’s also my first attempt to Video Blog (otherwise known as vlogging).  I have to say, the idea of Vlogging is so-completely-wonderfully in line with the whole Wreck This Journal philosophy.

See, this summer we’ll be playing around with creativity as a process of messing things up! Imperfection! Chaos! Disaster! Destruction!

And those of us who vlog are trusting ourselves to make it up on the spot while the video is running. Talk about potential for disaster! I guess I could edit out the bad parts, but there’s something delicious about sharing myself and my ideas in all their rawness, imperfection, and chaos.

In fact, if you watched the video, you’ll undoubtedly notice that it ended abruptly.  Totally accidental. And totally perfect. My final words were something like, “In InterPlay we start things, we mess them up, and we find a way to end–”

This summer, I invite you to do this process along side me.  Start something! Mess it up! And then find an ending! (Even if that means allowing the ending to find you).

Wrecklessly yours,


17 thoughts to “Wreck This Journal Week One”

  1. Hi Gretchen! I loved your video. You really went for it on week one. Good for you. I was a little more staid in my approach. I’ll be back to check in with you the rest of the summer.

  2. Fabulous! I totally enjoyed watching your orange, flower, coffee cocktail! The secret is clearly in the BANG!

    How interesting to watch the weaving in with Interplay’s work. Start. Mess it up. Close. Should be as familiar as Wash. Rinse. Repeat!

  3. Hi, Gretchen — cute! But don’t all your books look like that? I mean when I read at the kitchen counter all kinds of things want to read my book, too, like the cat and my cereal, and my ovaltine…. so they kind of join in — I mean “in” as in inside the covers….. Some of us are so messy that we probably need a journal called Keep this Journal Neat!~

  4. You really are just a joy to watch! Lot’s of inner play and childlike love in your essence! Love your ideas and can’t wait for more.

  5. When you were banging on the book, you looked like you were just delighted with yourself. Adorable!! Yeah, you go ahead and bang that flower in there honey!

  6. i love love love this. and i think you might have just inspired me to vlog on friday. If i can get it going, i will! whoo hoo! here goes!
    Happy to be with you on the journey!

  7. Your local book store will have the Wreck This Journal book. Our mutual friend, the delectable Miss Katherine Marie Kunz also bought one. We’re housemates, and enjoying doing side-by-side wreckage. Yesterday I got home late, and saw Katherine’s journal lying on the floor. It looked badly beaten, and later Katherine revealed to me how much fun she’d had throwing it against the side of the house. You should have seen the glint in her eye when she was telling me about it. Maybe we should lead our Tuesday night InterPlay students in a “throw the book across the room and dance across it’s pages” form. Wouldn’t that be fun!?

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