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Are you a teacher, tutor, school counselor or administrator, or academic life coach?

Welcome! If you found your way here, you must be a passionate educator concerned about helping students learn more effectively and efficiently…

…and curious about training or collaborating with me. I’m delighted and can’t wait to get to know you.

I offer two types of programs:

  1. Anti-Boring Approach™ Professional Development for school-based and freelance educators (teachers, tutors, academic coaches, school administrators, learning specialists, counselors, and more), and
  2. The Anti-Boring Approach™ Coach Training & Biz Launch program, specifically for self-employed tutors and academic life coaches who want to start or grow their businesses

Both these programs start with my signature course Part 1: The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically. Click here or keep on scrolling to find out more about that. And if you’d like more info about Part 2: The Art of Launching Your Biz or Part 3: The Art of Rocking Your Biz, use the links below.

Part 1: The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically
Part 2: The Art of Launching Your Biz
Frequently Asked Questions

Part One: The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically

My “Secret Formula” for Helping Scattered Students Stress Less & Study Smarter

Have you been watching your students struggle with low grades and motivation and/or high stress?

Maybe you’ve done your darndest to come up with creative learning strategies, only to see them (when left to their own devices) fall back into old patterns of low grades and high anxiety?

A few years ago, I learned some basic brain facts that forever changed the way I work with students, to help them become independent, motivated, self-starting learners.

Since then, I’ve been perfecting a new model for teaching students how to study and manage their time: The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying.  I’m shocked to watch how much FASTER my clients are learning how to study strategically. Grades and motivation are up, stress is down, and everyone (parents, students, and teachers) are so much happier.

Because this model is too effective to keep to myself, I’ve created a course for educators to introduce you to all the tools I teach my students. You’ll walk away able to integrate these transformative tools into your classroom and coaching sessions with minimal interruption to your current curriculum. Your students and teen clients will be more effective, self-sufficient learners.

You will learn:

  • A simple system that turns disorganized students into expert time managers, and test-takers
  • 5 academic skills that every teacher, tutor and coach and should master, and how to efficiently teach them to students so they stick for good
  • 4 transformative mini-conversations that turn teens into test-taking powerhouses, and how to weave those conversations repeatedly into your work with students until they totally get it
  • 15+ concrete tools to have in your back pocket to help teens tackle procrastination, disorganization, weak note-taking, and haphazard studying


  • The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™ online course, which introduces you to all the Anti-Boring™ tools and models how to teach these to teens 
  • Five interactive training calls with Gretchen Wegner, and one Bonus Call
  • 2 Q&A calls to troubleshoot how to integrate the Anti-Boring™ tools into your unique context
  • An online portal to access training materials and call recordings for up to 2 years
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook community in which to collaborate with cohort members, and all other educators who have taken this course.
  • A printable graphic to use with your students and teen clients.
  • Sample scripts for the most important mini-lectures to master when coaching teens about study skills
  • Short video excerpts from Gretchen’s coaching sessions with teens, to see the Anti-Boring™ tools in action

Below I have a short video that introduces the course and gives you a preview of everything that you will be getting with this course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What if I live in a different time zone and will be asleep during the live training? This course is designed so that most time zones around the world can enjoy some live (and lively!) interaction with Gretchen and the training cohort. Some calls will be in the morning (Pacific Time Zone) and others in the evening. If you cannot make the training calls, the recordings will be posted by noon PST the day after the call. You are encouraged to watch the recordings and then attend the 2 Q&A calls to speak to Gretchen in-person. During these Q&A calls, Gretchen will give priority to international participants, as well as others who were unable to attend the original training call.
  2. What age groups are the Anti-Boring tools appropriate for? All ages! Every student needs a handbook for how their brain works, and some concrete strategies to put these concepts into action. The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying is geared towards middle school students and higher. I’ve even had grad school clients benefit from these tools. For those of you teaching elementary-age students, you will need to make some minimal changes to the way you present these theories and tools. However, past participants in this training reported that these changes were minimal and that their younger students easily understood and benefitted from learning the Anti-Boring tools.
  3. What if I missed the live training? Will there be additional training to attend? I only offer this course twice a year. However, you can still work through the recordings in a self-study capacity. Please contact Gretchen Wegner to find out whether this is a good fit for you.
  4. What if I want to bring multiple teachers/educators from my school to the training? Please do! You’ll have a much richer training experience if you’re learning with your community. Contact Gretchen Wegner to inquire about discounts for multiple faculty members.
  5. What’s the Bonus Call about? I’ve learned that every cohort of students has specific and unique needs that a pre-planned training doesn’t always cover. I like to save one additional training call to address these needs.
  6. What if I want help starting my own business as an academic life coach too? Great! Keep on reading for more information about the biz coaching parts of the training.
  7. What if I want to bring you into my school or organization for professional development? Please reach out to me and let’s talk about this. It’s certainly possible, so I’d want to find out more about the unique needs of your school before I make a proposal about how we’d do this.
  8. Can I get Professional Development hours for this course? Yes! Once you have finished all the training calls and all the homework, you can request a Certificate of Completion. Educators who need proof of Professional Development for their schools will receive a certificate that acknowledges you have done 16.5 hours of learning. For those wanting International Coaches Federation (ICF) hours, you will receive a certificate acknowledging 6 hours of Core Competency training and 10 hours of Resource Development, for a total of 16.5.
Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically | Gretchen Wegner | The Art of Launching Your Biz | The Art of Rocking Your Biz | The Anti-Boring Approach Coach Training |

The Anti-Boring Approach™ Coach Training

Thinking about starting or growing your biz as an academic life coach?! Wahoo! That’s big stuff, -and I’d LOVE to help you.

When I told my clients, colleagues & friends that I wanted to start training academic coaches, many of them questioned, “Why would you train your competitors?!”

Good thing I don’t believe in competition — only collaboration! Can you imagine how fabulous it would be to have access to a group of high-quality academic life coaches who are committed to best practices, masterful at attracting lots of clients, and fluent with technology so you can work from anywhere? Seriously. Close your eyes and envision — what it would be like to have your coaching practice filled ONLY with clients who are such a good fit, you get out of bed every morning thinking, “I can’t wait to see (insert perfect client’s name here) today!” This is my daily reality, and I want to share it with you.

Please join my 2017 cohort for the Anti-Boring Approach™ Academic Coach Trainees. Together we will be learning to master the arts of how to:

  • coach scattered students in effective time management, organization and study skills, so they build new habits quickly, feel less stress, and have more satisfying relationships with parents and teachers
  • attract more clients than you need (so you can handpick the ones who are the best fit, and refer the rest out to other coaches you know & respect)
  • use technology so effectively that you inspire significant results with clients who live anywhere

The program is broken down into two separate pieces of training, which you can purchase one-at-a-time OR in packages.

  • Part One: The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically is a 5-week course designed for all educators  — teachers, tutors, academic coaches, school administrators and counselors, and more —  to practice and hone how to talk to students about study skills and time management — in a way that students can easily integrate into their academic contexts.
  • Part Two: The Art of Launching Your Biz is a 3-month program specifically for educators of all kinds who want to start or grow their fledgling business as an academic life coach. It is a unique training (I haven’t seen another one like it) in that it teaches marketing and coaching skills at the same time. It’s like a “business in a box” — and includes all the templates and skills you need to get your business off the ground. Read more about it below!

What we can create together as a community of sought-after academic life coaches is so much more powerful than what we might create by ourselves. I’m super excited to help you make a huge difference in students’ (and your own!) lives — one creative study technique & time management tool at a time.

For more information about Part 1: The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically, see the above description. For more information about Parts 2: The Art of Launching Your Biz, keep on reading.

Part Two: The Art of Launching Your Biz

How to Start Your Academic Coaching Biz and Attract Your First of Many Clients.2

In the Spring Semester, you will learn:

  1. Specific guidelines for how to deliver maximum results during and in-between coaching sessions
  2. A unique, efficient, and free system for keeping students actively engaged, tracking progress, and communicating with parents (my families rave about this Anti-Boring™ system)
  3. Technology tricks and tools (including instructions for how to use them) that keep the student in staying focused on their goals and consistently improving their habits, even when motivation lags
  4. The most effective ways to price, package & market coaching services to appeal to parent and teen
  5. Tools to attract motivated students who want to learn, and not just placate their parents.  
  6. 10+ simple marketing actions unique to this field that will help you attract your first clients
  7. How to inspire potential clients (both teens and their parents)  to say yes to your packages

In the Fall Semester, you will learn:

  1. Master the art of coaching students through every stage of the semester through final exams
  2. Get support and troubleshoot concerns as you deliver your first sessions with practice clients
  3. Identify and overcome marketing hurdles and build sustainable client attraction systems
  4. Learn how to ensure that your students sign up for the second semester
  5. Discover the best ways to inspire your clients to refer their friends to you


  • Twelve 1.5 hour training calls across eight months designed to help you launch your biz and attract your first clients
  • Eight 3-hour workdays designed to go deep with a specific marketing or coaching skill, and then time to work on your business in the company of focused peers and access to Gretchen for one-to-one and small group coaching 
  • Unlimited connection to Gretchen via email and online platforms
  • Review of and feedback on your first marketing materials via email
  • Online portal for training materials and call recordings available up to two years 
  • Access to Gretchen’s weekly Office Hours throughout the year to
  • Private Facebook community for collaborating with cohort members and support directly from Gretchen
  • Instructions for 10+ marketing techniques for finding all the clients you need
  • Templates & instructions for every aspect of the marketing and student coaching process, including sample marketing letters, session summary formats, the Anti-Boring™ Habits Graph, and more
  • Surprise Bonus Resources — Based on the needs of the cohort, I like to bring in guest experts or provide additional training topics or recordings. 
  • Your name on Gretchen’s referral list for new inquiries (note: many past trainees received a number of new clients thanks to these referrals)
  • Permission to use the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™ with clients for the duration of training
  • Certificate of Completion of prerequisites for certification as an Anti-Boring Approach Coach™
  • Surprise Bonus Resources, as needed.

Here is a short video that goes over everything that’s included in this course. In it, I show you the actual course itself and talk about how the course works and what you are getting.

Training Dates:

Course materials available immediately after payment. Plan 3 hours (minimum) of weekly homework (or more, to ramp up your business faster).

Case Studies and Testimonials

How I Got 10 Academic Coaching Clients in Three Months:

“I’m a long time educator and was looking to transition from classroom and adjunct positions, and find something that I could do from home, and that would be more sustainable. Gretchen is very engaging, she has a dynamic personality and draws you in immediately.

Screenshot 2016-02-10 02.37.32

Once you get into the training, you realize that she is truly concerned about what you’re learning. She doesn’t hold back; she lets you know every bit of her experience. I put the numbers to it and I figured out what I needed to make to recover what I paid Gretchen. At this point, I have ten of my own clients, and I was able to pay for the training with the second client. I’m a happy guy. It was well worth the investment! If you want a program that talks about nuts and bolts, the reality of what it’s like in the field, and want the infrastructure, systems, and practices that go into it, you couldn’t find a better program. Gretchen gave us all of that. In Gretchen’s program, I got strong support for launching into this new career.”

~ Rich Brown, 2015 Anti-Boring Approach Coach Trainee.

To watch Rich’s video testimonial about the Coach Training, click here.

To hear Rich speak about why the Anti-Boring Approach™ is such a valuable tool, click here.

The Best Choice I Made for My Business:

Screenshot 2016-02-10 02.37.41

I love all of my life coaching tools and know that they can change the trajectory of a teenager’s life.  However, I was really struggling to sell parents on the value of hiring a life coach for their kids and finding new clients was painful.  In the interest of being able to “hold the students’ agenda,” I wanted to beef up my academic learning and studying skills and enrolled in Gretchen’s Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™.  It has been a game-changer in my ability to help students. But, more importantly, it has made landing new clients so much easier.

I’m finding it easier to land new clients willing to pay for coaching. The best choice I made for my business was to immerse myself in both systems – Gretchen’s Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™ as well as John Williams’ Academic Life Coach training.  I highly recommend it!”

~ Debbie Lehr-Lee, UNStoppable Students, 2015 Anti-Boring Approach Coach Trainee,

Now I’ve Worked With 3 Clients & Received Multiple Referrals:

Screenshot 2016-02-10 02.37.49

As a classroom teacher for over a decade, I realized that my passion in the classroom lies in school readiness, which includes the executive functioning aspect. I was ready to leave the classroom and focus on students in a more holistic way.  Seeing Gretchen’s Facebook posts about academic coaching made me realize “I want to do that!”

The training was the perfect opportunity to learn this material. Now, two months after finishing the training, I’m pleased to report I’ve worked with 3 clients, received multiple referrals (including 3 inquiries within four days!), and have several consultations set up for new clients. Because Gretchen helped me find my first clients, I’m now so much more articulate about what coaching is and how it benefits students; it’s much easier to talk to potential clients about what I do.

I’m especially grateful that Gretchen was willing to teach us her simple & brilliant GoogleDoc Framework for how to document our work with clients. Also, her tips for enrolling clients were invaluable. It was super helpful to learn exactly how to write a marketing letter, and I was surprised and grateful to know that I don’t have to have a website right away, that I can get the word out about myself in ways that feel authentic and comfortable to me.

Gretchen is clear and systematic in explaining her system, without being dogmatic. She’s compassionate and creative as well as grounded and structured. And she’s generous with her time and feedback, too! I’m glad I took advantage of both her group training and her private coaching sessions, as the coaching sessions enabled me to work through some of the harder-to-crack resistances I was feeling. I’m excited about my future as an academic coach!

~ Sarah Weidman, 2015 Anti-Boring Approach Coach Trainee.

The Tools She Offers Have Brought Results to My Clients:

Color Headshot

I already had an extensive teaching and tutoring background, and had felt the need to move into academic coaching based on challenges I was having with my existing clients, where students needed more than content support; they also needed study skills and strategies to address learning differences. I felt drawn to working with Gretchen because she has a proven method for guiding learners with very concrete tools and methodologies. Her system is effective and her style is engaging.

The biggest benefits of the training were getting a broad overview of the field of academic coaching, and learning best practices. The training was flexible enough to help me explore and express my own style of coaching, while also equipping me with specific tools and step-by-step instructions about how to integrate those tools into my tutoring. We were empowered to utilize our own foundations of knowledge and grow to a greater level of mastery. Gretchen treated us with enthusiasm, like peers, even though she was leading us.

What’s special about Gretchen is her flexible thinking and the way she creatively uses different approaches to learning and teaching.  She also has a concrete method that works when people aren’t sure of which approach to take. The tools she offers are well thought out, they work, and they’ve brought results with my clients, including greater academic achievement and a lot more awareness of how to manage a variety of learning projects.

I also got concrete guidance on building my business with specific and motivating marketing actions that actually work. Because Gretchen is so research-based, tapped into cutting edge thinking about BOTH learning and entrepreneurship, I had a sense of trust and I felt confident that I was building a brand based on reputable methods, processes and research. This training is a must-have program for anyone who wants to build a successful academic coaching practice.

~ Eve Chosak,  2015 Anti-Boring Approach Coach Trainee

Gretchen Has Been Very Successful In Building a Six-Figure Business…and I’m So Glad She’s Passing Her Wealth of Knowledge On To Others:

Screenshot 2016-02-10 02.38.04

As her business coach, I think the world of Gretchen. She is an incredibly good teacher, with a way of making learning fun and packaging it in a way that people actually get it. She’s been very successful in building a six-figure business for herself and now has a system in place that she can “turn on” whenever she needs more clients.

I’ve been impressed with Gretchen’s tenacity and creativity to keep on evolving her marketing until she landed on something that works for her unique field, and she has a super amount of energy and passion for helping other academic coaches get started on that path. I’ve seen her trainees benefit greatly from her hard work. Why recreate the wheel and work with other business coaches who don’t know the field as well as Gretchen does?  It’s been a privilege supporting her in growing her business, and I’m so glad she’s passing her wealth of knowledge on to others.   

~ Bill Silverman, Business Coach with the Big Shift Coaching Program

Gretchen Manages To Inhabit the Unique Territory of Being Anti-Boring and Wise:

Screenshot 2016-02-10 02.38.12

Gretchen and I have gone through the same business coaching program. Because I have greatly benefitted from masterminding with her about business development, I felt completely confident hiring her to help me develop a training.

Gretchen is so knowledgeable and open. She’s always making great suggestions that are brilliant and so easy to implement. She’s also super warm, thoughtful and fully engaged/present.  I couldn’t imagine someone better to walk through business processes and strategies with.

With Gretchen you get the perfect blend of caring, fun and depth.  Some people have lots of knowledge but they are boring. Others are fun but have little substance. Gretchen manages to inhabit the unique territory of being anti-boring and wise!

~ Jo Ilfeld, PhD, Executive leadership coaching and consulting at

I Recommend Gretchen as a Business Mentor for Aspiring Academic Life Coaches Wholeheartedly:

Screenshot 2016-02-10 02.38.34

I was feeling overwhelmed in my business and totally stuck around what steps to take to get out of the overwhelm.  Gretchen has been a business mastermind partner for three years now, and she knows me well. She had the perfect suggestion that was adapted to my unique needs, and she was spot on! My whole body started to relax and I felt: OMG, that is what I need! Gretchen is not just a great coach for students, I can speak from experience that she is also superb with adult business owners.

She allows me to follow my intuition and guidance, even if it goes against what other experienced business coaches think. She helps me stay strong in my inner guidance and respects and champions my own unique way of building my business, while also providing insightful suggestions that I hadn’t thought of.  This is probably what I appreciate the most about her coaching style.

I recommend Gretchen as a business mentor for aspiring academic coaches wholeheartedly. If you are wondering whether or not to work with her, go for it! You won’t be disappointed!

~ Isabelle Peyrichoux, CEO and Career Reinvention Coach, at Brilliant Seeds.

Gretchen is a wonderful facilitator and the course went way beyond my expectations: 

My name is Lorraine and I am an ESL Teacher and Coach.  I currently live in Spain but last year I was in Ireland for the summer.  My niece was entering a big exam year and was having a crisis of confidence.  I offered to help her and we worked together once a week for two months. During this time I searched for practical skills to help her prepare for the exam.   

Late one night I came across Gretchen Wegner, Academic Life Coaching and  The Art of Inspiring Students training course. I attended a master class and decided to invest in the course. It was worth every penny.  Gretchen has designed a wonderful course that is practical and informative. The course covered a lot of information which is delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb.

The main benefits came from” proving your learning”, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Gretchen and other participants.  The course provided practical tools which engage students in their learning process and gave me the confidence to implement new techniques with great results. Gretchen is a wonderful facilitator and the course went way beyond my expectations.  I can’t speak highly enough about this course.

~Lorraine Hanlon (Ireland & Spain)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an academic coach and an academic life coach?

We will address this more in the actual training, but here are a few notes:

When I first got trained into this business, my boss called us “academic coaches” because we were primarily working with students with learning disabilities around school-related time management, organization, and study skills.

However, I started using the word “life” when I realized that so many of my clients are actually struggling with life-related issues. The academic struggles are the most frustrating and visible of their symptoms (especially to their parents, who are the ones willing to pay), but actually there is more going on – learning how to advocate for themselves, have better sleep and exercise routines, make and sustain friendships, communicate better with their families, and have a more exciting vision for their lives, and more.

This is why I like to use the phrase “academic life coach” – because it clues the parents AND students into the fact that, although we might START with academic-related problems, our work will eventually reach other aspects of their life as well. However, it’s important to say that I’m not a trained life coach, and I don’t pretend to work in that capacity; I’m a skilled teacher and brain nerd with my Masters in Education, and I’m most interested in helping students become passionate, skilled, life-long learners who know how to rock school…AND have a satisfying life, too.

Can I work for you after I’m trained?

No. Right now I don’t plan to have any coaches working for me. Rather, I want to help you get your business up and running so that it is sustainable and self-sufficient. I also love the vision that we might create a community of colleagues, each of us with our own niche, or perfect client. For example, I love working with juniors and seniors in high school who are creative but scatter-brained; maybe you love working with middle school students, students in online schools, students with a specific learning difference like autism, junior college students, etc.  When a client who is less than perfect for me comes in, but who matches your niche, I want to be able to refer them to you, and I would LOVE to have a community of folks who happily do this for each other. I don’t believe that we are in competition with each other, but rather, that we get to help each other have the most joyful businesses possible.

How much of my time will this training take?

I have tried to indicate in the descriptions of each part of my program how much time you should plan for. However, keep in mind that your business will grow in direct proportion to the amount of time you’re willing to devote to it this year. The times I have indicated are minimum time investments.

Will I get referrals from you?

While you are in my training program, I will happily share your contact information with my overflow clients. I can’t promise how many folks I refer will actually contact you, as it depends on whether these clients are local or national, where you live, what your client specialty/niche will be, and how well you’ve written up your marketing description. However, during the training I will share your contact information, and if the client reaches out, you can walk them through your enrollment process (which I will teach you how to do!) to discover if you are a good match. In addition, if you decide to go through my Anti-Boring Approach™ Coach Certification Process (which will be held in early 2017), you will have the opportunity to continue to receive referrals from me even after you have finished the training.

What if I already work with a business coach around business development?

I get it! If you’ve immersed yourself in the world of entrepreneurship, you’ve likely found yourself a number of great resources for growing your marketing. In fact, a couple of my past trainees have come to me AFTER spending tens of thousands of dollars (literally!) in other people’s business development programs (yielding few results in their bottom lines), only to discover that The Anti-Boring Approach™ Coach program took them farther faster (including getting them more clients, making more money, and seeing a bigger difference in their clients’ lives). Why? I’m not exactly sure, but my hypothesis so far is that other coaches/trainers understand the GENERAL tenets of how to market, but they don’t have the intimate knowledge of the peculiarities of this market in particular. There is something very different about helping parents trust you as the person who will help their teen create results (and to whom they’re willing to pay several thousand dollars) AND at the same time, helping teenagers know, like and trust you as well. The systems I’ve created — both to deliver coaching AND to market to and enroll both parents and teenagers — are actually part of what sells my work. I’ve not seen anyone teach what I teach.

How does this training differ from other people who train academic coaches?

I don’t know the complete ins and outs of what the other programs offer, but here’s what I DO know. The two trainings listed above focus mostly on how to coach students through goal-setting, time management, organization and focus. There is a little emphasis on study skills, but not to the degree that I think is necessary to create life-long, passionate learners who can learn anything they are taught, no matter how good or bad they think their teacher is.  The three things that make my program unique are: (1) the way I teach concrete study skills, (2) my emphasis on marketing mastery at all levels of my training, and (3) my focus on technology that allows you to coach from anywhere.

Also, although the other programs do have business building components, near as I can tell they are not as thorough as mine is. I’ve invested over $25,000 learning how to market myself and build a sustainable business. My main teachers have been Bill Baren and Marie Forleo. I’ve ALSO done the hard work of translating those trainings into the peculiar field of education, during which you’re needing to sell to both the parent and student… and the primary client who is receiving your services (the student) is NOT the person paying for the services, which poses some challenges in regards to how invested the student is compared to the parent in their own coaching success. I’m excited that I get to teach you what I’ve learned, so you don’t need to re-invent the wheel yourself. Also, I believe my TOTAL SUPPORT program includes more one-on-one coaching with me than other academic life coach programs do.

Please note: One thing my program does NOT provide that the others do is certification as an official life coach, which allows you membership in the International Coaches Federation. If this is important to you, you might like to budget for doing my program first (to get the basics of your business set up), and then to do John Williams’ Academic Life Coach training program (to get the ICF certification and also to learn a piece I don’t teach in detail – how to work with teens on goal setting, motivation, personality inventory, etc).

What if I can’t afford the cost of the training but I know this will really help me?

I absolutely understand the financial quandary, as I ran up against the same problem when I decided to seek out training for how to run and market my own business. In order to try and shield you from the stress I experienced, I’ve designed the program so you can earn back the cost of the program before it’s even finished.

Here’s what I mean: in August I’ll ask you to find yourself a minimum of 3 practice clients for the fall semester, and I recommend finding more (and I’ll give you some great ideas about where to find them). I recommend that you charge these practice clients a minimum of $1000/semester, which means that you will earn $3000+ between August and December. Voila! Program paid off.

Here is something else to think about: when I first attended a weekend training on how to market my services, the coach asked us to raise our hands if we work as coaches. Almost the entire room raised their hand! Then he said, “Please keep your hand up if you have a coach,” and more than half the arms – including my own! – went down. The trainer then challenged us, “How do you expect people to pay you top dollar for being a coach if you don’t find it a valuable enough service to invest in it yourself?” That point hit me in my core. Twenty-five thousand dollars later (that’s how much I’ve now paid for 3 years of coaching in Bill Baren’s Big Shift program, gaining a wealth of marketing wisdom that I hope to pass on to you), I’m a transformed entrepreneur charging more for my coaching services than I thought possible. I attribute this confidence to at least two things: (1) After receiving coaching for the first time in my life, I suddenly understood the true value of the service I was giving my clients, and (2) investing top dollar for a premium coaching program gave me the confidence to ask my clients to invest top dollar, too. This choice changed my life, and I wish the same confidence boost for you.

Here’s a mantra I told myself when I became stressed about the first $10,000 I put on a 0% interest credit card to pay for my first marketing training: “It’s cheaper than grad school! It’s cheaper than grad school!” Although I originally said this in jest, I quickly realized the power of this mantra. Many people go thousands of dollars into debt to pay for MBA programs, and here I was getting the equivalent of that training for significantly less…. AND I was able to pay it all off before I’d finished my training.  

Finally, it is customary for business training programs to charge at least 5% of the trainee’s earning potential. If you commit yourself to practicing the marketing techniques I will teach you, here is a model for what you could earn if you decided to devote yourself full-time to this work and got a little more experience under your belt:

        4 clients/day for 4 days = 16 client hours/week

        Each client invests $2500/semester (which is slightly less than I am charging now per semester)

        16 clients x $2500/semester = $40,000/semester

        $40,000 x 2 semesters = $80,000/year gross income

P.S. Just to share with you how I paid for all my marketing programs (because I certainly didn’t have the cash when I registered for them): I got myself a credit card that would be 0% interest for 16 months. That way I could receive the full price discount for the trainings by paying in full. Because my training helped me attract new clients quickly, I was able to earn enough money to pay off each of these credit cards before the interest was due. Although I know credit card debt isn’t for everyone, this process has worked well for me.

For more information about pricing or to apply for the program, please contact me.