Lisa Mehta
  • Location: Redwood City, CA
  • How to Meet: Online or in person
  • Grade Levels: 7th - High School 
  • Language: English
  • Credentials: B.S Biology, ESL teacher in Slovakia, trained Academic Life Coach, Nonviolent Communication Student, 8+ year homeschooling mom of two neurodivergent kids who have taught me MANY things!

Lisa Mehta

  • San Mateo County, CA

I meet kids where they're at by listening and using my intuition to empower kids to develop confidence, competency, and a flexible mindset.  Together students and I build a toolbox of strategies for effective study strategies, time management, and planning through experimentation, trial and error, and play. 

I am passionate about helping differently-wired kids find success and confidence in themselves, which flows into school and beyond. I love working one-on-one with students to help them find their mojo and give them the opportunity to slow down and reflect on their life and what they want.  I wish I had an academic life coach when I was younger, and I am honored and excited to be able to contribute to students' lives.    

My style is calm, compassionate, and firm when I need to be.  I love to laugh and use my intuition and creativity to come up with ideas in the moment.  My ultimate goal is to teach kids to use the tools on their own so they eventually don't need me.  

I offer virtual sessions via Zoom and live coaching in San Mateo County, CA.  Sessions may include creating habits, mindfulness/tapping, practicing new skills, identifying goals, advocacy, and more.

I am a homeschooling mom of two middle school boys, life-long learner, dog owner, and partner.  I listen to all sorts of podcasts for fun, and I love to be in nature, explore with family and friends, and make yummy, healthy food.

Anna Hasbun | Stepping Stones to Learning
  • Location: San Marino, CA & La Cañada, CA
  • How to Meet: Online or in person
  • Grade Levels: Elementary school through university 
  • Language: English

Stepping Stones to Learning, LLC

  • San Marino, CA & La Cañada, CA

Stepping Stones to Learning, LLC has offered one-to-one academic support to students in Southern California since 1971. Stepping Stones offers academic life coaching, a coaching approach to subject tutoring, educational therapy, and college counseling all from our comfortable centers in San Marino and La Cañada as well as online.

All staff at Stepping Stones receive academic life coach training so that they are best equipped to help students break down barriers to finding student success! At Stepping Stones our goal is to help each student build confidence, build a love of learning, and become motivated, independent learners. Ensuring that students have the tools and skills necessary to be successful throughout their academic career is our aspiration. Stepping Stones never takes a cookie-cutter approach with our clients and strongly believes that every student deserves one-to-one attention and a holistic approach to helping them succeed in school.

With a staff of over 30 tutors, coaches and educational therapists, we take great pride in the ability to find you the perfect match to partner with on your academic journey!

Nancy Minolli Bay Area Academic Life Coach
  • Location: Bay Area, CA 
  • How to Meet: Virtually via Zoom 
  • Grade Levels: High School and College Language: English  
  • Credentials: Bachelor’s Degree from St. Mary’s College, California Credentialed Teacher

Nancy Minolli

  • Bay Area, CA

I help students and families who are stressed, overwhelmed, and don’t know where to turn next. I am a California credential teacher with 20 years of experience who helps students with time management, organization, and study skills using the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying. 

Students learn how to get back on track, gain the academic confidence they need to succeed, and learn the tools to study smarter, not longer.   I work with students to create daily routines to learn how to get started and work independently on homework.  Students learn how to avoid distractions and procrastination, working to stay focused and avoid doing things last minute.  I help students with organizational systems that allow them to keep track of everything that is being assigned to them.  

My unique perspective as a former classroom teacher and the parent of a college daughter and high school son, allows me to sympathize and find solutions for families and students to greater achieve balance in their lives. When I’m not coaching I enjoy hiking, playing golf (my son beats me every time), and singing loudly in the car, much to my kid's chagrin!

Marion Choy | Academic Life Coach
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand/ Singapore
  • How to Meet: In person, Skype or Zoom
  • Grade Levels: Primary/ Elementary to Senior School/ High School  
  • Language: English Credentials: Associate ALC Coach  

Marion Choy

  • Bangkok, Thailand/Singapore

Every student is unique, whether you are gifted & talented or have specific learning challenges (e.g., 2e, ASD, ADD, ADHD, executive functioning disorder, anxiety). I work with all kinds of students, giving them the study skills and organization tools they need to de-stressify school and improve academics. Perhaps more importantly, I also tackle essential life skills such as managing stress, building resilience, harnessing self-motivation, managing negative thoughts, and advocating well for themselves. The goal is to help students finally experience success and then carry it through their entire school career and adult life.  

What makes me unique? I have 2 kids, I love to de-stress by attending body combat class, and I have lived in 5 countries in the last 8 years. Although I currently live in Thailand, I love working with American students because when it’s after-school for you, it’s first-thing-in-the-morning for me; I have lots of time to support you! Because of my own experiences moving between different cultures and school systems, I can also help students transition from countries, schools, curriculum (e.g. American public/private schools, International Baccalaureate®, and British Curriculum). No matter what kind of “unique” you are, I look forward to working with you!

  • Location: Bay Area, CA
  • How to Meet: Virtually & Occasionally in person 
  • Grade Levels: Fifth grade through college
  • Language: English, Spanish and French
  • Credentials: Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Oregon University, Master’s Degree from the University of Oregon, California Credentialed Teacher via John F. Kennedy University, Certified Life Coach.

Misha Safran

  • Bay Area, CA

I empower students, 5th grade through college, many who struggle with anxiety, mild depression, and ADD/ADHD, to achieve their academic and social goals with less stress and more confidence while also weaving in FUN. Students who work with me learn to balance their school and social lives, become aligned with what truly brings them alive, learn to advocate (gracefully) for themselves, and feel more successful on a regular basis! In addition to the students gaining confidence and becoming organized, there is more peace in the household because there is more calm and less anxiety! 

We do this by setting goals, practicing positive habits including mindfulness, and improving their executive function skills such as time management, organization, note taking, and strategic studying. I also specialize in supporting parents and their kids to become the family they want to be, enjoying each other more often while also celebrating their autonomy. 

I have been a teacher for 30+ years including middle school, high school and community college. I used to be a private French and Spanish tutor for individuals and groups. I also raised five kids…I truly understand the student, parent, and teacher perspectives. 

By intertwining the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying with my work and life experiences, my students move from surviving to thriving! 

What makes me different? 

I identify as queer and can usually be recognized because of my colorful hair. I am an anti-racist activist and trilingual; English, French and Spanish. I am also a singer & songwriter having performed in Europe and throughout the United States. And…I love playing with my food!

Elizabeth Hammond Academic Life Coach
  •  Location: Santa Cruz, CA  
  • How to Meet: Zoom
  • Grade Levels: Middle School to High School

Elizabeth Hammond

  • Santa Cruz, CA

I'm Liz Hammond, a learning nerd, perpetual student, and recovering perfectionist, and an Academic Coach. There is no greater honor in life than helping transition a young person from stressed student to inspired learner!  I also host the StudyAmp Family Coaching Community to work with parents to identify specific ways to best support their student.

I have four (yes FOUR) teenagers from middle school through college.  I’ve been involved in a wide spectrum of educational models, including: homeschooling, dual-language immersion, preschool in France, private school in Asia, social justice and technology-oriented curriculae, multi-aged classrooms, summer camps, undergrad and grad programs at public, private, religious, and secular universities, and I've witnessed education delivery directly in three of the four timezones in the USA.  I've run summer camps and volunteered in daycares, parent-school organizations, classrooms, and I’ve even worked directly with grad students and young professionals. 

I've also been involved in corporate Learning and Development and Humans Resources practices, and I continue to build insight on how employers evaluate job applicants and advance employees. The world of work is changing quickly, and we are educating students for a tomorrow that we do not yet understand. The key to students' success in tomorrow’s workplace will depend on their capacity to teach themselves knowledge and skills to adapt, advance, and lead.  The skills learned in academic coaching free young people from the whims of teachers, bosses, and economic forces; they arm students to get what they need to get what they want out of school, employment, and life.

It’s all very doable - let’s get started!

Crista Hopp Academic Life Coach
  • Location: Herndon, VA
  • How to Meet: Virtual or in person
  • Grade Levels: Elementary, Middle School, High School. Graduate School, and Parent Coaching for children younger than 10.
  • Credentials: M.A. Counseling Psychology, B.A. Sociology, Trained ADHD/Executive Function coach for both children and college students.

Crista Hopp

  • Herndon, VA

Crista Hopp is the owner and director of Connected Pathways Coaching, LLC. She has launched and managed residential facilities for children, teens, and adults. She also was the Research Coordinator for the (PETIT) study. There Crista administered and supervised others in the administration of neuropsychological tests to children ages three, six, and nine. She opened Connected Pathways Coaching six years ago and since then the business has grown to include three coaches.

What makes Crista different?

She specializes in working with students that have multiple challenges such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Head Trauma, Concussion, Depression, and Anxiety.

Goal: Crista wants to aid students in believing in themselves and finding the tools they need as an individual to succeed. She always begins with the premise that our brains are unique and our goal is to find the strategies that will be best for OUR brain!

Dr. Jade Enrique Bright Balance Academic Life Coach
  • Location: Atlanta, GA  
  • How to Meet: Online, via Zoom video conference  
  • Grade Levels: College - Graduate School  
  • Language: English
  • Credentials: Doctorate in Education, Specialist Degree in School Psychology, Masters degree in Family Therapy, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Trained ADHD/Executive Function Coach, Certified Youth Leadership Coach/Certified Youth Mentor Coach

Dr. Jade Enrique

  • Atlanta, GA

Dr. Jade Enrique is the founder of and success coach at Bright Balance LLC. She has graduate degrees in special education, family therapy, and school psychology. Bright Balance LLC works with frustrated, unhappy, and unsure students who are losing faith in themselves. I help them get balanced and unstuck, so they can be brightly confident about their academic and personal lives. I do that by helping them to establish concrete action steps; building their awareness of learning and emotional resources/tools; and supporting them with systems and structures that motivate them to reach their goals.

I offer virtual life & academic coaching services to my clients. Sessions are individualized and may include the following: metacognition & memory strategy instruction; study skills & note-taking instruction; life coaching & goal setting; academic coaching; mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques; career coaching, ADHD/Executive Function Coaching, and/or more.

Aliza Green Academic Life Coach
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • How to Meet: Online, usually Zoom but can be Facetime or What’s app video calling
  • Grade Levels: Senior high school, College/Undergraduate University
  • Language: English 
  • Credentials: B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Trained ADHD and Life Coach

Aliza Green

  • Coming Soon!
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I specialize in supporting senior high school and college/undergraduate university students who are stressed out and frustrated. Leaving the structure of high school behind can be scary and overwhelming and it’s hard to manage on your own. Working with me, students learn study skills, get organized, and manage their time so they get better grades and still have time for a social life. Personal and professional experience in the areas of ADHD, learning differences, and anxiety, I understand the unique challenges and we work together to develop strategies that actually work.  

I enjoy helping students appreciate their own strengths and talents as they learn the skills they need to become independent in the classroom, at home, at the library, and with their friends.  

When I’m not coaching, you may find me reading, outside taking interesting photographs, or hiding treats for my pet bunny.

Nicole de Picciotto Academic Life Coach
  •  Location: Portland, OR  
  • How to Meet: Zoom, in person Grade Levels: Middle School through College  
  • Language: English  
  • Credentials: Graduate of the Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy Comprehensive Training, Yoga and Meditation Teacher for 15 years, Former mindfulness-based counselor and study abroad coordinator

Nicole de Picciotto

  • Portland, OR

School stress sucks! I know, I remember feeling overwhelmed so much as a student and it doesn't have to be that way! I'd love to help you find the confidence, empowerment, and ease you deserve while building academic success and lasting new habits. I draw from decades of mindfulness & yoga training, academic coaching and psychotherapy training, and an obsession with self-improvement to design academic coaching programs that serve the whole person.  

I have a particular interest in working with students with anxiety and the majority of my students have ADHD or executive function deficits. Students choose to work with me because I encourage and challenge them without an ounce of judgment or criticism, I'm playful, and I draw out their gifts and strengths in the face of discouraging academic challenges.  

In my program we think beyond this school year, growing both mindsets and tools that will serve students as they become independent, thriving adults.