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Hey there students and parents,  

Stressed about school? Curious about getting help from an academic life coach? Want one trained in the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™ tools? You're in the right place! Check out the following amazing educators, whom I am proud to refer!  

These fine folks are licensed as Anti-Boring Approach™ Coaches and dedicated to using the the Anti-Boring Approach™ tools in their academic coaching practice (scroll down for their profiles).  

I am proud to share these talented, unique and, well... anti-boring! ... coaches with the world. You will be in good hands.  

Warmly, Gretchen 

Adam Sanford

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Adam Sanford | Academic Life Coach

I help adolescents and young adults acquire the skills they need to be active, capable, and dependable, both in college and in the ‘real world’ that comes afterward. As a college teacher and academic life coach, I have helped dozens of students develop their skills in writing, research, time management, study skills, professional communication, and many other trouble spots. 

I also help parents who are dealing with the reality of their child becoming an adult. My parent-focused online course offers connection, coaching, and community to help parents learn how to adjust their interaction styles, so they can stay connected to their newly adult child.  

I have taught at the university level for eleven years and am also a singer, writer, cartoonist, performer at the Renaissance Faire, and an aspiring slam poet. I love going to Disneyland.  

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA area (Long Beach, specifically)  
  • How to Meet: Online  
  • Grade Levels: Middle school through graduate school (7th grade and up); I specialize in late high-school and early college students  
  • Language: English  
  • Credentials: Ph.D. in Sociology; 9 years college teaching  

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Jade Enrique

I work with frustrated, unhappy, and unsure students who are losing faith in themselves. I help them get balanced and unstuck, so they can be brightly confident about their academic and personal lives. Through coaching, students establish concrete action steps and build their awareness of learning and emotional resources/tools. I am passionate about students developing better skills to help them study, learn, and grow brightly. School is more than academics so when students work with me, I get them through the peaks and valleys. I support them through the 6 top areas of school life: personal challenges, finding and building resources, mental stumbling blocks, study and learning strategies, motivation, and future growth by helping them with systems and structures that motivate them to reach their goals.  

  • Location: Atlanta, GA (Metro Area) How to Meet: Online 
  • Grade Levels: High School through Graduate School  
  • Language: English  
  • Credentials: EdD in Special Education, EdS in School Psychology, MS in Family Therapy, Nationally Certifed School Psychologist, Certified MemoryInterventionist, Diplomate in School Neuropsychology, Certified Youth Mentor/Leadership Coach Click here for more information  


Jade Enrique Academic Life Coach

Nancy Minolli

Nancy Minolli Academic Life Coach

I help students and families who are stressed, overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn next. I am a California credential teacher with 20 years experience who helps students with time management, organization and study skills using the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying. Students learn how to get back on track, gain the academic confidence they need to succeed and learn the tools to study smarter, not longer. My unique perspective as a former classroom teacher and the parent of a college daughter and high school son, allow me to sympathize and find solutions for families and students to greater achieve balance in their lives. When I’m not coaching I enjoy hiking, playing golf (my son beats me every time) and singing loudly in the car, much to my kids chagrin!  

  • Location: Bay Area, CA 
  • How to Meet: Virtually via Zoom or In Person  
  • Grade Levels: High School and College Language: English  
  • Credentials: Bachelor’s Degree from St. Mary’s College, California Credentialed Teacher Click here for more information

Jessica Finnigan

 help students achieve their academic goals with less stress. Study and organizational skills are not part of most standard curriculums. As a result, most students experience more pressure and stress in school than is necessary. Even the brightest, most motivated students can sometimes get stuck and will benefit from learning new strategies. I love teaching organization and study skills because they grow with the student. I am the creator of the DIY Homework app, designed to help students and parents coordinate after-school tasks. I have coached students through writing their dissertations and statistical analysis. I love helping students become creative, organized, and independent adults. I have four daughters, three golden retrievers, and thankfully five Roombas. I love to swim, but in the winter I get my workout shoveling snow.  

  • Location: Boston Area (Harvard, MA) 
  • How to Meet: Online or in person 
  • Grade Levels: 5th Grade - Graduate School
  • Language: English  
  • Credentials: Master’s (King's College London), Advanced Diploma (University of Cambridge), Bachelor’s (Human Development and Family Science) Click here for more information
Jessica Finnigan - Academic Life Coach

Marion Choy

Marion Choy | Academic Life Coach

I help students get good grades while spending as little time as possible. More importantly, to ensure students sustain their success and carry it through their entire school career and life, I work with them on essential life skills such as managing stress, building resilience, harnessing self-motivation, managing negative thoughts, and communicating.  

I enjoy working with overwhelmed students, including the gifted & talented or students with unique learning challenges. Because of my own experiences moving between different cultures and school systems around the world, I can also focus on helping students transition from countries, schools, curriculum.  

  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand/ Singapore
  • How to Meet: In person, Skype or Zoom
  • Grade Levels: Primary/ Elementary to Senior School/ High School  
  • Language: English Credentials: Associate ALC Coach  

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Marni Pasch

I know how painful it can be to feel like a failure at school and want to quit. I struggled with motivation and procrastination for most of my school life.  

It is my mission, to make sure no student ever feels like school doesn’t get them. I work with students in grades 6th and higher, who struggle with academic confidence and motivation. I help you survive school with less stress by helping you create concrete goals, tackle procrastination and learn creative study skills. As I always say, “If you don’t fit the system, you make your own!”  

  • Location: Orlando, FL  
  • How to Meet: Virtually via Zoom or In Person  
  • Grade Levels: 6th and higher 
  • Language: English 
  • Credentials: MA. Counselor Education (UCF), Certificate ADHD Coaching for Teens and College Students (JST Coaching), Course work in Gifted Education

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Marni Pasch | Academic Life Coach

Kimberly Dyan

As a high school English teacher, I saw a lot of stressed out students who constantly exclaimed that school was too hard. These students were capable of good grades, but lacked the skills to complete the day-to-day tasks needed to stay on track. I became an Academic Life Coach so I can help students who are struggling with the transition from high school to the real world. This includes high school students who recently realized the importance of high school, but feel behind and need to catch up, and new college students who never learned some of the key skills needed to be successful in a less structured environment. I help these students find their groove, so they feel confident and find success as they navigate school toward their desired goal. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my puppy, Miriam, watching movies with my family, cooking, and figuring out how to be more like Wonder Woman.  

  • Location: Huntsville, Texas
  • How to Meet: In person, Skype or Zoom
  • Grade Levels: High School and College students
  • Language: English  
  • Credentials: Master’s (University of Houston, Clear Lake), Bachelor’s (Sam Houston State University), Texas Certified Teacher, Whole Person Life Coach, Former High School teacher, current part-time college instructor  

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Nicole de Picciotto

School stress sucks! I know, I remember feeling overwhelmed so much as a student and it doesn't have to be that way! I'd love to help you find the confidence, empowerment and ease you deserve while building academic success and lasting new habits. I draw from decades of mindfulness & yoga training, academic coaching and psychotherapy training and an obsession with self-improvement to design academic coaching programs that serve the whole person.  

I have a particular interest in working with students with anxiety and the majority of my students have ADHD or executive function deficits. Students choose to work with me because I encourage and challenge them without an ounce of judgment or criticism, I'm playful, and I draw out their gifts and strengths in the face of discouraging academic challenges.  

In my program we think beyond this school year, growing both mindsets and tools that will serve students as they become independent, thriving adults.  

  •  Location: Portland, OR  
  • How to Meet: Zoom, in person Grade Levels: Middle School through College  
  • Language: English  
  • Credentials: Graduate of the Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy Comprehensive Training, Yoga and Meditation Teacher for 15 years, Former mindfulness-based counselor and study abroad coordinator  

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Aliza Green

I specialize in supporting senior high school and college/undergraduate university students who are stressed out and frustrated. Leaving the structure of high school behind can be scary and overwhelming and it’s hard to manage on your own. Working with me, students learn study skills, get organized and manage their time so they get better grades and still have time for a social life. Personal and professional experience in the areas of ADHD, learning differences and anxiety, I understand the unique challenges and we work together to develop strategies that actually work.  

I enjoy helping students appreciate their own strengths and talents as they learn the skills they need to become independent in the classroom, at home, at the library and with their friends.  

When I’m not coaching, you may find me reading, outside taking interesting photographs, or hiding treats for my pet bunny.  

  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • How to Meet: Online, usually Zoom but can be Facetime or What’s app video calling
  • Grade Levels: Senior high school, College/Undergraduate University
  • Language: English 
  • Credentials: B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Trained ADHD and Life Coach

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Sarah Weidman

A classroom teacher for over ten years, Sarah Weidman is now an academic life coach certified in the Anti-Boring Approach who works with stressed out teens who are overwhelmed by school pressure to help them get their work done without the stress.  

Sarah combines the structure of the anti-boring approach, tools for mindfulness and yoga, as well as the student's interests and strengths to overcome the challenges that they have in school whether it is breaking down a project and figuring out the first step or learning how to structure a paper. She serves students from late elementary through university, those with learning differences and those who are simply overwhelmed. When not working with students, Sarah might be training for the next triathlon or meditating in the garden.

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • How to Meet: Online or in person
  • Grade Levels: Elementary school through university 
  • Language: English 
  • Credentials: 10 years classroom teaching

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Sarah Weidman | Academic Life Coach