Why is it so tough to get students to study effectively for tests and quizzes? 

Every day I work with scattered and overwhelmed students. I give them an easy-to-understand roadmap for how to succeed in school with less stress. In my work as an academic coach, I also peek into hundreds of classrooms all over the world. 

I see how well-meaning educators and parents prepare students for test taking, but also how much of this guidance falls short.

It turns out: schools rarely teach students how their brains actually work! 

Doesn't it seem counterintuitive to expect students to know how to "drive their brain" (so to speak) without providing them an "owner's manual" and driving lessons?  

The good news: this is easy to change, and requires little extra effort on the parts of teachers, tutors and coaches! 

I created my online course The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically (AISSS) to give educators like you the EXACT tools you need to transform your students into independent learners. 

I teach you the most effective, efficient and anti-boring ways to teach students:  

(1) how their brains work, and (2) the tools to put that knowledge into action on their next tests and quizzes. 

It's not rocket science, but it does require a formula and framework that is easy to learn -- so read on and I'll tell you more about it!

Are you a parent wondering whether this info is relevant for you, too? It absolutely is, if you're the type of parent interested in becoming a better educator and/or coach of your kiddo as they progress through middle, high school, and college. Keep on reading, then I'll talk to you more directly in the FAQ's below. 

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Are You a Teacher, Tutor, School Counselor, Administrator, Academic Life or Executive Function Coach, Educational or Occupational Therapist, or Educator-at-Large?

Have you been banging your head against the wall of your students’ motivation, watching your kiddos struggle with low grades and/or insane stress? Do you wish they would just put in a little more effort and study already?! Or do you see the effort they put in and scratch your head, wondering why the learning results aren't better?

Several years ago, I learned some basic brain facts that forever changed the way I coach students about studying. Since then, I've been perfecting a new model called The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™, and frankly, I'm shocked to watch how much FASTER my clients are learning how to study strategically.

The keys to this model are:

  • Solid brain theory backed by all the latest research in cognitive behavior and neuroscience,
  • Teaching tidbits that are engaging, memorable, and broken down into bite-size chunks that students actually remember, and 
  • A strong toolkit of clear, easy-to-implement study strategies that students can easily put into action.

Because this framework for coaching students is too effective to keep to myself, I've created a course for educators -- The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically -- to teach you how to incorporate these tools into your curriculum, coaching sessions, and after school programs. Educators who graduate from this 8-week course are confirming what I thought would be true: these tools are easy to incorporate into classrooms and tutoring sessions, and are improving students' abilities to think -- and act! -- strategically about their own learning.

Join me? Join this fabulous cohort of other educators? Ready to be inspired, not just by the tools you’ll learn but also by the INCREDIBLE cohort of educators who will be taking the course alongside you?

Read on for more details...

Let's change the world one creative study (and time management!) technique at a time...

Gretchen Wegner, Academic Coach, Academic Life Coach, Academic Coach Trainer, Academic Coach Training, The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically, Teaching students how to learn, brain science, education,

"My major take aways are the Study Cycle and the organization of studying, which has always been a problem for me to get across to students. The routines you’ve given us -- the Senses, the "Hone It Notes" procedures -- have given me an organized process to give students. The other thing that I want to say is that I haven’t had a cohort like this since I was in grad school: people who I can bounce ideas off of, go to the Facebook group and say, “Hey guys! What about this?” I haven’t had that kind of collegiality in years. You have given us this enormous resource in each other."  

~ Adam Sanford, College Intructor & Academic Coach in California

"Turning the 'Science of Learning' into practical and useful study advice is not easy - but Gretchen has done it incredibly well, incredibly effectively, and in an incredibly engaging manner. I am so impressed with this course and am certain you will walk away with a far better sense of how to take control of your own learning (as a student) and a far better sense of how to lead and inspire others to do the same (as a teacher)."

~ Jared Cooney Horvath, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Lecturer at University of Melbourne, Director of The Science of Learning Group, Author of Stop Talking, Start Influencing


Because a student’s brain is the resource center for their entire life -- from which we all feel, think, speak, move, act -- and LEARN! We should know how to use it, teachers and students alike.

Many students feel broken and stupid because learning doesn't come easily to them. Once they learn about the brain, they feel relieved, smarter, and more in control. Students are hungry for this info.

Most brain theory is taught in complex, scientific language that is intimidating and boring. However, the Anti-Boring tools are memorable, actionable… and even kinda fun. 


I have developed a clear, step-by-step roadmap to help you:


...in simple, engaging, hilarious ways. Students make better choices on homework and studying when they truly know how brains work.


...for their own learning, seeing themselves as powerful choice makers rather than victims to the school system.


...so students are 100% ready for every test. Students will know how to harness the power of effective note-taking, quizzable study tools, and creating solid study plans because of the tools you teach.


...in your students, sparking consistent action by providing them with brain-friendly tools for taking charge of time management, and their lives.

Plus, a super valuable benefit for busy educators:


(We all love made-for-you templates and tools, don’t we?! You’re already an expert at the content you teach, and I’m sure you don’t want to spend a bunch of time writing new curriculum. There's a 50+ page workbook designed to accompany you through the course, have a non-digital reference tool, and provide exact instructions for how to have these transformative conversations with students).

When I saw the way the material was presented, it was kind of a game changer. Your course was beyond learning styles, beyond the surface level stuff we do in the classroom. Teaching young people how to actually study and to learn, and engage on their own, is something we teachers don’t always do. We should, but we don’t. This curriculum allowed me to look at things so differently. Honestly, this is the best material I have ever seen.

~ Alison Grant, High School Family and Consumer Science Teacher and Academic Coach, Ohio

"I was drawn to this course because, as a mother in Spain, I looked around for someone who could teach my children study techniques, and I couldn't find anyone! I realized that there is a need here, and decided to become an academic coach. In my research, I discovered Gretchen's Art of Inspiring Students. The course materials are brilliant and 'anti-boring.' When I finished the course, I really knew all the tools that Gretchen taught. I have taken a few other courses which I had to force myself to finish, but this was not the case with Gretchen's course!!! As I was learning all the Strategic Study tools, I taught them to my own kids. They also found it really helpful! I would absolutely recommend this course to other educators. It's clear that if you master the skills taught in this class, you will master school and college too. The added value for me was that Gretchen asks us to 'wear our student hat' while learning from her, so I got to discover how helpful all the study skills are on a daily basis in my own work! Gretchen, thank you for your passion. "  

~ Blanca Morata, Parent and Academic Life Coach, Spain


The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically is an online, self-paced course. 

There are 8 modules, designed to be finished one per week. However, you can go faster or slower, depending on the pace that works best for you. 

In this course we practice what we preach by blending cutting edge neuroscience with accessible brain boosting lessons designed to help you turn your students into independent, strategic learners.

We don’t just teach you great tools; Gretchen models those tools as she teaches, so you learn by watching and doing. She then asks you to practice implementing them immediately with your students, with full permission to be imperfect and play with your delivery. 

Here are the 3 main methods of instruction:

AN 8-MODULE SELF-PACED COURSE which models how to talk to students about their own learnng. You will be guided through The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying modules in order to see exactly how Gretchen teaches study and time management tools to students. You will also receive extra "behind the scenes" guidance for how to incorporate these tools effectively into classrooms and coaching/tutoring sessions. 

AN ONLINE PORTAL OF RESOURCES including (1) "how-to" videos explaining the theory and practice behind these brain-based tools, (2) real-time videos of students learning these study tools, (3) printable resources including a 50+ page printable workbook, and (4) discussion via Facebook. You can revisit course materials as many times as you need over the next 2 years to fully grok them.

3 BONUS TRAINING CALL RECORDINGS, so you can hear other educators wrestling with how to incorporate the Anti-Boring tools in their context. These include Q&A with Gretchen, a recording of the "practice lab" where educators role play teaching each other, and crowd-sourcing from the wisdom of other participants.  

In this program, you will receive the benefit of all the years of research and experimenting I've done with students - without having to recreate the wheel. In fact, most teachers and coaches implement what they learn immediately in their classrooms and coaching sessions, which leads to an even more powerful learning experience.

Start Learning the Anti-Boring Tools Today!

"The biggest take away from The Art of Inspiring Students is that I had the inspiration to go DO SOMETHING with all the information we have about how our brains learn best. I read a lot of research about learning and the brain, and I think about it a lot. But how do you present it to students in a quick, easy and 'sticky' way? If I said to students, 'What would really help you is spaced retrieval, and check out this great research paper about why,' that is not helpful. Because you offer your information in bite-size pieces, I can easily dip into a tutoring session if I’m overhearing a tutor stumbling with how to help a student and give a tiny little Gretchen Wegner lesson, and I know they’ll have a take away that will stick with them and make a difference in how they think about their learning and what they can DO to learn more effectively."

~ Anna Hasbun, Owner of Stepping Stones Learning Enrichment Center in San Marino, California

"Gretchen has designed a wonderful course that is practical and informative. The course covered a lot of information which is delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The main benefits came from 'proving your learning,' receiving individual feedback and interacting with Gretchen and other participants. Gretchen is a wonderful facilitator and the course went way beyond my expectations. I can’t speak highly enough of this course."

~ Lorraine Hanlon, ESL Teacher and Coach, Spain and Ireland


This course is organized around eight online modules, each consisting of:

(1) AntiBoring Approach to Powerful Studying, my course for students, to model how I speak directly to students,
(2) a set of videos that explain the pedagogy behind the Anti-Boring Approach lessons,
(3) instructions for a 10ish-minute mini-lesson I'll ask you to implement with your students, and
(4) two complementary live calls (and two months' membership) inside the Anti-Boring Educators' Club
designed to get your questions answered, mentor you through the implementation, and more!

As soon as you register, you will have access to all the weeks at once (for hungry learners who like to gallop through the materials), but I'll also guide you week-by-week (for those who prefer to follow a teacher-led pace).

Here are the modules:

Week 1

The Study Cycle and the Keys to “Sticky” Learning

We start by helping you master this simple, elegant theoretical model for how learning happens in the brain. By the end of this module, you will have a deep understanding of the Anti-Boring™ framework for how to turn students on to their own learning power.

Weeks 2 and 3

Train the Brain and Master the Study Senses

Once you’ve mastered the Study Cycle, go deeper by learning the six most important brain concepts that are embedded within this deceptively simple model. Practice simple ways to teach these complex brain topics to your students in easy, 5-ish minute mini-lessons.  

Week 4 and 5

Powerful Notes & Quizzable Study Tools

Walk away with multiple tools for how to encode information in new ways, including a unique two-step process for taking notes. We will also learn a number of self-quizzing methods, so that students have no excuses when it comes to proving what they know to themselves and others.

Week 6

Make Rock-Solid Study Plans

Finally...bring all the Anti-Boring™ tools together. Help students make effective study plans and inspire them to space out their studying so that they maximize their brain’s ability to learn without cramming.

Week 7

Anti-Procrastination Tools

What good is a great study plan if students don’t follow through? Learn the most important time management tools to help students overcome procrastination and initiate work at home.

Week 8 - Wrap Up & Bonus Module

The Power of Tracking Habits and Grades for Long-Term Behavior Change

Get a sneak peek at Gretchen’s most productive coaching tool for tracking student habits, and helping them see the link between their habits and their grades.


"Your course is thoroughly engaging and challenging. You confirmed things I believe, entertained me, and made my brain hurt. As a teacher with 25 years of experience who has been soaking up all of the cutting edge research about learning and the brain, I believe that this course is a treasure. Thank you, Gretchen, I already see the huge value of this course for experienced and new teachers alike."

~ Patti F., English Teacher and English Department Head, Maine

"One of my colleagues and I signed up for your course as a result of reviewing the failures we continue to have school-wide. She serves as our special education director and I am the school counselor in the building. We were trying to come up with a better way to support our special ed students, and that led to, 'But they don’t know how to study!' which led to 'Where have we ever taught any of our students how to study?!'. We are both very excited about the course and the tools you share. We never looked at learning the way that you present it and believe your approach will be fun and engaging for students. As a high school counselor, I know that if I can help students be successful their freshman year, they’re more likely to pass their classes to earn the credits they need and graduate on time. That is my goal for every student. This has been such a great experience! Now our vision is - how can we build this school-wide?"

~ Joan Helwig, School Counselor, Marlette, Michigan

Art of Inspiring Students return customer! It’s been a few years since I’ve participated in one of Gretchen’s courses. This I know for sure - Gretchen is always updating her curriculum and is a champ at integrating best practices utilized by our peers in the field. I know my brain will get a good scrub and a much needed update on her invaluable tools!”

~ K. Paniagua, Learning Specialist, Marin, CA


In addition to the above modules you will also receive:

  • The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™ online course, which introduces you to all the Anti-Boring™ tools and models how to teach these to students.
  • An online portal to access training materials and call recordings for up to two years.
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook community in which to collaborate with cohort members and other educators who have taken this course 
  • A printable graphic of the Study Cycle to post on your walls and hand out to your students.
  • Sample scripts for the most important mini-lectures to master when coaching students about study skills.
  • Short video excerpts from Gretchen’s coaching sessions with teens, to see the Anti-Boring™ tools in action.
  • Transcripts of most videos, so that you can read or watch (or a combo of both)
  • A Certificate of Completion for your records and to show to your school administrator.
  • Graduate School Credit is also available to those who want it, at an extra $50 ($50/credit). See the FAQ's below for more info on that. 
  • Other great stuff I haven’t imagined yet! I love creating tools that my course participants need to support their learning. If you discover there are additional resources that would be helpful, please ask. If I have time and the ability, I will happily make them for you.

"I learned so much! This is such a super way to help kids. This was one of the most helpful courses I’ve ever taken as a teacher. I’m always amazed at how much you share in your courses. It’s all so relevant for a teacher. I really like it that it’s based on brain science, too.”

~Tami Andrews, Tutor and Former Teacher in Ohio

"I am an occupational therapist working in the school system and new to providing coaching services to students. Although skilled in recognizing executive functioning challenges, I felt inadequate in how to provide tools to students in a concrete and effective way. This course provided me with these tools and more! I feel confident that my students and clients will benefit tremendously from the new skills and tools that I have to offer. A side benefit of spending time with Gretchen has been learning how to craft my own 'mini – lectures' so that when I plan a session- I am more deliberate and intentional in my planning. As well, all the extra resources that I have learned have deepened my understanding of how the brain learns new information. I definitely recommend this course to any educator that cares about how to effectively teach his/her students to become successful students now. I would also recommend this course to occupational therapists who are working with students with executive function challenges."

~ Aliza Green, Occupational Therapist, Toronto, Ontario


  • You’re a teacher, tutor or coach sick and tired of watching students prepare ineffectively for exams. You've tried all kinds of strategies to get students to follow through, but they don’t seem to take action. You want a new, streamlined strategy that actually works!
  • You’re bored with the tools and tips that you’ve been teaching students to help them with time management, studying, and organization. You know that the strategies you teach work, but you’re ready to re-energize your own teaching.
  • You are jazzed about all the brain science you’ve been learning, but haven’t yet figured out how to translate those complex ideas (e.g. “spaced retrieval practice!” “elaborative interrogation!”) in ways that keep students’ interest.
  • You don’t have time to write your own curriculum, and would love to be handed some strategies that you can implement immediately that will motivate students to take action.
  • You find yourself repeating the same lessons over and over again, and students still don’t seem to take action. You suspect that something is amiss in the way you’re teaching students, but you’re not sure what.
  • You’re an academic life coach and you specialize in helping students with goal-setting, motivation and mindset. You realize you need some more concrete academic tools to offer to students when they’re floundering.
  • You're a parent who a) can't afford 1:1 executive function coaching, and/or b) is committed to transitioning from a vigilante personal assistant (who tracks all the details of their academic life with utmost vigilance) into a coach who asks rich questions and empowers them to take action with increasing levels of ownership

“Early on in my business, I realized I was missing study skills. I can’t absolutely know that a student will succeed if they don’t know how to study. I can help them with the big picture question — what are you passionate about? what is your role on this earth? — but I couldn’t definitely know that a student would be able to succeed unless they could succeed in their classes. In the beginning I tried to compensate with what I thought I knew about study skills, which turned out to be not much. The Anti-Boring Approach course was everything I needed, and it was so interesting!

- Eda Chen, Life and Career Coach & Education Consultant, Owner of Elan Advising, California

"I decided to take Gretchen’s course because I coach students with ADHD and noticed that many students are not the best self-assessors when it comes to explaining how they go about studying. Many students would say things like, 'I’m fine, I don’t need any help. I know how to Study,' even though their grades did not reflect such. I had spent many months spinning in circles searching for various study assessments to give them in order to tangibly see where their disconnect may be. I then spent many hours searching for study strategies that would address the study gaps. I was thrilled when I came upon this course because all the information and solutions I had been seeking were presented in an organized, step by step process. The visual, easy to follow, and easy to explain format has had an impact on the way my students confidently learn and prepare for exams. This course was the missing link."

~ Nancy Keny, Academic Student Life Coach, Fredericksburg, VA

Are you ready to inspire your students to study strategically?

One-Time Payment Of:

$495 USD

30-Day Money Back Guarantee*

Three Monthly Payments Of

$195 USD

30-Day Money Back Guarantee*

"Before your course I thought that studying was sitting down and trying to soak in the information. As long as students were spending time doing something, I thought that was sufficient. Now that I’ve taken The Art of Inspiring Students, I realize that you have to be using some really good strategies. The course taught me specific study tools and how to use those strategies effectively, and then how to break up my time studying so that I wasn’t trying to cram the night before the test. Now those are the things I can teach my clients and the other students at the high school where I work.”

~ Natalie Borrell, School Psychologist and Academic Life Coach, Owner of Life Success for Teens in Ohio

"I just had a really positive session with a student talking about study senses and making quizzable tools and she even said - 'I am feeling excited about doing my revision now!' That just shows it works. Thank you."

~ Helen, Student Support at a University in the UK, commenting inside course's online portal

"I really value professional (and personal) development. This is the course I have taken that MOST resonates with me and the coaching work I do. Other courses have only ever hit on part of what I do, or else the age group they focus on doesn't match what I do, or the philosophy is different, or there is no focus on the science behind learning (I work in research in my other career, so this is important to me!). I feel like spending more time with the content of your course, even though it is not new to me, will serve as a refresher and hopefully help me to further my learning in this vein."

~ Daniella San Martin-Feeney, Researcher and Coach, Alberta, Canada


What if I don't like the Anti-Boring Approach Coach trainings? Do you have a refund policy? Yes. My team and I are fully committed to helping you learn the Anti-Boring Approach tools and (if applicable) lay the foundation for a thriving academic coaching business. You are welcome to test drive the materials for two weeks from the start of your participation in the training. If you do the work and don't feel we've delivered on our promise to you, we'll happily refund 100% of your money. Important: To be eligible for a refund we require all completed work from the Modules thus far. This means that you must take action in this program. We know that if you take action and do the work, you'll get results. If you do the work and don't get value, then we don't deserve the money and we'll cheerfully refund you 100% of your tuition. We do this because we are looking for serious and committed students only. We take our learning environment seriously, and maintain a very high standard of positive, encouragement, and inspired, action-oriented learning.


+ How much time do I need to budget to take this course?  

Every week you can budget the following amount of time: 1 hour for working through the module in the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying, 1 hour to watch the "how to teach these tools" in the Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically online portal, and one hour to take notes and post reflections online. Click here for a Google Doc that will give you more exactly averages for the time commitment each week

Some people work faster and slower, so you can add or subtract some time based on how well you know yourself. Also, it is not uncommon for people to get behind, and need a few additional weeks (or months) to finish working through the modules. You have access to the online portal for up to 2 years after taking the course, so you will have plenty of time to catch up if you need to.

+ I'm not sure I have enough time right now to take the course, but I really want the tools! May I skim it?  

Yes! I highly recommend it!! It’s better to do one fast skim through the course, than to do the first few modules in a thorough way and then to burn out. So many of the tools are immediately actionable that you can skim quickly, practice teaching it to your students, and then come back to read it more thoroughly later when you have more time. That, in fact, may be a richer learning experience than trying to do it perfectly from the start.  

+ I'm confused. What is the difference between the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying and the Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically?  

Good question! The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying is my signature curriculum designed to teach students and their parents all the brain theory and corresponding strategies they need to rock their time management, organization, and study skills. I also use this curriculum as the foundation for my course for educators, the Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically. In this course, you get access to the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying tools PLUS an in-depth exploration of why these tools work and how to teach them to students for maximum success.

+ What age groups are the Anti-Boring™ tools appropriate for?

All ages! Every student needs a handbook for how their brain works, and some concrete strategies to put these concepts into action. The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying is geared towards middle school students and higher. I’ve even had grad school clients benefit from these tools. For those of you teaching elementary-age students, you will need to make some minimal changes to the way you present these theories and tools. However, past participants in this training reported that these changes were minimal and that their younger students easily understood and benefitted from learning the Anti-Boring tools.

+ I want to get my school to pay for this course, however it usually takes a while to issue a check. I'd like to start right away. What can I do?

No problem. Just email my office team and tell them the situation. Many schools have a credit card that they'll allow you to use, and that's the fastest way to register. However, if you need to go through more formal channels, simply forward us proof that the expense has been approved. We can also provide you with a special invoice to submit at your institution, and then let you into the course while we're waiting for the payment to arrive. Contact officewiz [at] gretchenwegner [dot] com to ask for more info about how to proceed.  

+ Do you have a description of the course that's printable that I can forward to my administrators to ask permission?  

Yep. Here is a syllabus for the course in the form of a Google Doc. You can save it as a .pdf and forward that to your administrator to show them details about the course. You might also like to print this out for yourself, as it's a great summary document! I created it when I applied for permission to be able to give graduate credit for the course, so this syllabus is higher ed approved! 

+ Is there a discount if I bring a number of educators from my school into the training?

Please do! You’ll have a much richer training experience if you’re learning with your community. I’m happy to offer a discount, and I have a special document for schools and organizations about how to structure multiple faculty members taking the course. Contact officewiz [at] gretchenwegner [dot] com to ask for more information. 

+ Are there other ways to reduce the cost of the course?

I certainly recognize that the pricing is an equity and access issue, and I am constantly working to find ways to make it possible for a wide variety of educators to learn the tools shared in this course. I'm also aware that teachers, coaches, and nonproft employees - as well as those with marginalized identities (including race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, other historically oppressed populations, and others who are socio-economically disadvantaged, including folks who live in countries with a GDP much lower than the United States) - often don't have the resources to take a $495 training, no matter how much they might want to use these tools. If this describes you, please email my team at officewiz [at] gretchenwegner [dot] com. There are limited scholarships available, and there also may be creative options to make this happen for you! Please reach out and inquire. 

+ Can I get professional development hours for this course?

Yes! Once you have finished all the training calls and all the homework, you can request a Certificate of Completion. Educators who need proof of Professional Development for their schools will receive a certificate that acknowledges you have done 25 hours of learning.

+ Can I get ICF credit for this course?

This course has been accredited through the International Coaches Federation in the past, however, ICF recently changed their rules. We are in the process of determining whether the course qualifies under the new framework. If you are interested in this, please contact my office team to find out if we know more. Email officewiz [at] gretchenwegner [dot] com if you have additional questions.

+ Can I get graduate school credit for this course?  

Yes! Humboldt State University, one of the California state schools, approved this course for 1 pass/fail graduate credit. Once you have finished working through the course, you can request your Certificate of Completion. You can submit this certificate to Humboldt State University along with $50, and they will submit a transcript to you. It is fairly straightforward process, I'm happy to say. Although I don't love that you have to pay extra, I shopped around to find the lowest priced and highest quality alternative for your graduate credits! Feel free to email officewiz [at] gretchenwegner [dot] com if you have additional questions. 

+ What if I want to bring you into my school or organization for professional development?

Please reach out to me and let’s talk about this. It’s certainly possible, so I’d want to find out more about the unique needs of your school before I make a proposal about how we’d do this. Regardless, though, I recommend taking this course first so you are clear that the tools I teach would be useful at your school. Then, we can talk about how to move forward with professional development.


Write an email to gretchen@gretchenwegner.com and copy my team officewiz@gretchenwegner.com. One of us will help you out as soon as we can! 

Are you ready to inspire your students to study strategically?

One-Time Payment Of:

$495 USD

30-Day Money Back Guarantee*

Three Monthly Payments Of

$195 USD

30-Day Money Back Guarantee*


I’m Gretchen Wegner. I’ve been an Academic Life Coach for students for over ten years.

During that time I’ve worked with hundreds of students and peeked into thousands of classrooms all over the country. I’ve seen what teachers assign that works -- and also what gets in the way of students’ ability to learn independently and study strategically.

Before that, I was a middle and high school social studies teacher.

Before that, I wrote curriculum for non-profits serving kids all over the country.

Before that, I was an egg-head student who got bored easily, and had to invent all kinds of interesting tricks to keep myself focused during school and studying.

So I come by this work naturally -- with 33 years combined experience that has culminated in my signature method for helping students become rockstar learners: The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™.

Why did I create the companion course for educators, The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically? Because you asked.

Well, not YOU exactly. But lots of educators like you. Thanks to the success of YouTube Channel and my podcast, I started getting tons of emails from other teachers and Academic Life Coaches, asking me if they could “pick my brain” about how I teach study skills to students, and how I run my academic coaching business.

I didn’t have time for a lot of complementary one-on-one chats with folks… and so I created this course, and my Anti-Boring Approach Coach Training Program, to answer everyone’s questions.

But that’s not the only reason I created this course.

I was fired from my teaching job.

Well, not exactly fired. More like: the administrator in charge at the Independent School where I worked chose not to re-contract me. He saw I was a creative educator and out-of-the-box thinker, but was trying to rebrand the school with more “traditional” approaches to teaching and learning.

Turns out, this was the best thing that ever happened to me. When I got over my disappointment, I discovered the fields of cognitive science and academic coaching, and I’ve never turned back!

As one member of the 2017 cohort of The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically said to me, “I’m glad you lost that teaching job, Gretchen. Without it we wouldn’t have you, your inventive approach to study skills, and all these amazing tools that you’ve created.”

It is my honor to be able to meet so many creative, inspiring and inspired educators all over the world. The folks who are attracted to my work are some of the most dynamic, creative, student-centered movers and shakers in education that I’ve ever met.

If you’ve read this far down the page, you must be one of them, too! :-)

Please join me! Together, let’s change the world one creative study skill at a time.

The above wheel is a graphic summary of all the tools you will learn in is course. See what I mean? Your toolbox of Study and Time Management strategies will be chock full by the time you're done. 

A Variety of Participant Comments from the Course Portal:

"I'm a bit obsessed with the whole process you taught us. I love the Study Senses, I love the Study Cycle. I use it when I'm teaching or prepping a lesson. LOVE IT!!! A huge shift!"  

"Sorry that I missed the call! From the recording, it looked like y'all had so much fun!"

"It was fun creating something artistic and I'm sure it helped me remember information by deciding exactly what text to write, which pictures to draw and how to organize the information (in reference to learning how to take 'Hone It Notes')."

"I found the process to be less time consuming than I thought. I feel like I remember the important/key facts much better because I had to stop and think about them and how to reorganize them in a new way. I really think this would be a powerful exercise for my students."

"I love the honing process! It reminded me of the importance of repetition and creating deeper pathways to learning. I definitely remember more about notetaking as a result of honing my notes. It's amazing how what would appear to be a small tweak, can make a big difference. In the past, I was taught to have students "rewrite" their notes to increase learning. Honing notes is so much more powerful than simply rewriting notes."

"I love the idea of changing studying from a stagnant one-dimensional exercise to a more dynamic process by actively incorporating multiple senses."

"I love the idea that there are so many ways to incorporate the study senses! It's so basic and obvious but still has to be taught and I want to make a long list of every possible way for each method. How sad though, that the most effective method of studying is the one most people don't know about and are never taught in the schools!"

"I was sad when the course ended. You are a lot of fun to learn from. You find the good in everything, no matter what your students are saying or doing. I felt very validated, even though I wasn’t in the live webinar."

"This course could not have come at a more perfect time, OK maybe a little more perfect if I had found it 6 months earlier :-). I am a High School Counselor that has the 9th grade class this year (and will follow them through to graduation). As I worked with them throughout the year, I realized that more than with any other class in my career so far, it's not that they didn't want to 'study,' it's that they really had never learned a system. Enter the Art of Inspiring Students and the Study Cycle! I created a classroom visit as the initial presentation of information to students and then continued to reinforce in individual meetings as necessary. I will also continue to follow-up with my own mini-videos that I will post in the Class of 2022 Google Classroom that I have for all of them. I will attach the PowerPoint and Guided Notes below that I worked through during the initial classroom visit but wanted to reflect on my major takeaways (Final Hone It Notes :-). Oh, my partner and I that also took the course (a High School Intervention Specialist) are also going to put together a presentation for our fall District Staff Development Day to share our takeaways and the strategies as well!"

"I watched the training call that I missed last week, and there were several questions I didn't realize I had that were answered! Thanks again, Gretchen! Every training call has lots of good nuggets, whether I attend in person or watch it later."

"I finished listening to the recording of the final call. So interesting to hear how one participant used the Get in Gears in a different context with such great success. The tools are so flexible and I look forward to thinking about and trying them out in the different settings that I work in. In the last week I have used some of the tools with students with great outcomes. A couple of tells - (1) one student really wanted to try the idea of putting books /material out and moving around the table (as Gretchen spoke about in order to interleave). She found this really helpful in staying engaged with her revision and learning. (2) Another 3rd year student revising for finals spoke about how she panics in the last few days before the exams as she thinks she doesnt know anything. We then spoke about the study cycle and we realised she only encodes and doesn't ever do any quizzing. Hard to believe she has got this far through her education without this vital step and I will find out next week what a difference using quizzable tools makes. Thanks to everyone it was interesting to hear how everyone else is getting on and share shows and tells.”

"The Get in Gear Mini-Lecture is fantastic. So visual and really made sense to the student that I shared it witih. Procrastiantion is a massive issues for many students. Your approach and conceptualizing it in a mini-lecture gives students the knowledge and power to see there are different elements to the problem and that they can do something differently to feel empowered. This model helps put them at cause and not effect."

"Watching the scheduling using the Google calendar and the step-by-step method to fill it in with your client was helpful. I use scheduling with my students but not in such a detailed or organised way. Like much of your course, Gretchen, conceptualising the ideas that are out there into a coherent, structured and simple format makes the tools and support both powerful and user friendly. "

"This course really gave me an appreciation for my students. I agree that this course is worth every penny. I find that the concrete tools are one of the highlights of the course. From one quirky person to other quirky people!"

"The tools aren't new for me but I love how clearly you explain them and then recommend practicing the tool with the students. I find your videos with students incredibly useful. It is not only useful to watch you teach the mini lesson but it is also all the little things you say and do that I have learned so much from."