3+ Ways to Productively Procrastinate

Did you know that there are some GOOD ways to procrastinate?

Recently I checked in on a client (a sophomore in college) about how well she’s following through on a project plan, and she told me that she was doing terribly. However, it was a “productive” kind of terrible, because she was getting something else important done as well.

This made me curious about how many ways there are to procrastinate productively, so I made a little video musing on this issue. Check it out!! Make sure you watch until the end so that you hear the warning about how not to overuse this sneaky way of procrastinating.

And if you don’t feel like waiting here’s the whiteboard:

How Not to Waste Your Time in College

Have you ever worried about how well you (or your teen!) will handle all that free time in college?

It can be a harsh transition to move from the structured nature of high school to the unstructured days of college.

A college client of mine was struggling with her tendency to to accidentally spend hours and hours of time watching TV and online, and so we came up with the following plan:


How do you handle open-ended time without losing your productivity? Got any favorite tricks? I’d love to hear them, comment below!