How to Stop Getting Distracted by the Internet

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Google? Youtube? Email? Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!
If you’re human, I’m guessing you check one of these websites at last 3 times a day (if not a gazillion!).
The internet is #1 distraction for most of my student clients. Although I don’t pretend to have the final answer, here’s a method I’ve talked about recently with clients:

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The Most Under-Utilized Focus Trick When Studying

Pop quiz! Do you remember last year’s video about what everyone should do on the first day of class t? I’ll give you a hint: it had something to do with phone numbers.
Well, check out this video update about how to take this tip to the next level:

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How to Make Yourself Read a Boring Book

Have you ever opened to the first page of an assigned reading and thought, “Ugh. How am I possibly going to focus? It looks sooooooo boring!”

Well, here’s a tip that I recommend to my clients. Maybe it will work for you?

Hey there, don’t have time for the full video? No worries, here’s a short summary:

Do you ever have to read a book for school… and you just can’t seem to get through the first paragraph, let alone the first few pages? Well, I recently had this experience, and I want to tell you about it because I think I found a way to make reading that I don’t necessarily want to do, a little more interesting. First though, a little backstory. I have a client who doesn’t have that much to do in our sessions, so we decided to have her read Animal Farm to help increase her reading level – as she’s prone to reading lower level books, specifically the Warriors series. To help incentivize her to read Animal Farm, I promised her I’d read Warriors while she was reading Animal Farm. The problem was, I just… couldn’t stand this book. The first few paragraphs I just couldn’t get into. There were too many names, like “Lionheart” and “Ravenclaw” and all these people I just couldn’t track – not to mention I just didn’t care about these characters. However, I promised this young woman I’d read the book, and I know that this is the same experience kids all over the country are having with their assigned reading, so I felt I owed it to you all to read it.

So the first thing I did was I found a summary online of the book. Then as I read the summary I made a drawing of the summary. I drew a thundercloud and lightning for the “Thunder Clan” and a river for the “River Clan”, and below these images, I outlined some of the characters and which side they were on. This drawing helped me understand the layout of the book and the characters better so I could read the book more efficiently and grasp what I was having a hard time with. So don’t be afraid to read summaries and use creativity to help you lay the groundwork for your reading.

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How to Make Boring Worksheets More Interesting

Have you ever been sent home with a lot of boring worksheets to do for homework? It’s sure hard to get motivated to fill out blank after blank after blank, isn’t it?

That’s exactly what my client complained about during a recent session. Here’s how I recommended that he make boring worksheets more interesting. Check it out:

By the way, I get a lot of compliments on my creative tips for students. Although I appreciate the affirmation, I’d RATHER teach you how to access your own creative study strategies (without relying on me).
You just need to learn a straightforward formula (which I teach here), which you simply can apply to everything you do in school to make it more fun and effective. Check it out now.

A Creative Way To Take Action When You’re Feeling Lazy

Have you ever struggled to take action, despite your best intentions? All the time, right?! We human-beings are procrastination experts.

Sometimes feeling lazy can completely throw off our game to get things done.Here’s a creative way that I recommended to a client help him kickstart his work, even though procrastination was getting the better of him. Check it out:

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Take Notes That Make You Smile

Let’s play a quick word association game! When I say “note taking,” what’s the first thing you think of? I just *bet* that the word you thought of is more likely to make you frown than smile. But note taking doesn’t have to be that way!

Check out these cool notes that my friend Jo took at a conference she attended recently. I bet you’ll smile, too.

Hey there, while I highly recommend watching the video to get the full effect, here’s a short summary for you:

My friend Jo and I were at a conference and I noticed that she has some of the most amazing notes I’ve seen in a long time. So here are some of those tips.

  • Start with a large title at the top, so you know what that page of notes is about.
  • Next up, you can split a page up into sections. For example, you could draw a line down the middle, with the notes on the right, tips and tricks on the right, or other relevant information, perhaps the location of information you need.
  • Then we have the use of visual imaging. Basically, make small doodles along with your notes that help you visualize what the notes are about.
  • Try and use colors, as these can make notes more fun, and they help bring attention to the notes.
  • You can also try and group notes that are similar into chunks so that you can more easily find and take action on those notes.

Are you thinking, “That’s cool and all, Gretchen, but I need step-by-step support to figure out how to take decent notes?”
Then I recommend checking this out: In my typical anti-boring fashion, I’ll walk you through the two steps to note-taking that will transform your ability to capture the key points of a lecture or book, and four simple ingredients that you can apply to any note-taking method to make it more effective.

How To Trick Yourself Into Starting A Hard Task

How were your Holiday’s? I hope you had time to relax and spend time with loved ones!!
Now that you are readjusting to school, you might find yourself struggling to get back in the habit of (ahem!) doing school work. Or, you might find yourself having to work on that hard project you put off throughout your break.

Starting a hard task is always a difficult thing. Here’s how I recommend tricking yourself to start. Check it out:

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A Tiny Trick to Make Studying Twice as Effective

Do you suffer from burnout whey you’re studying?
There comes a point in every student’s study session during which you are no longer learning effectively, but you’re scared to take a break. What if you fail your test?! What if you don’t know what you need to know?!
Studying is a necessary part of school, so why not learn to do it efficiently?
Below, I made a video to show you a tiny trick that will make your studying twice as effective…if you have the guts to implement it well.

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A 5-Minute Task Every College Student Should Do At The Beginning Of A Semester

The new year is almost here! Which means that for most college students, a new semester is starting soon, too.
What if I told you that with one 5 minute task, you could make this your best semester ever?!

Check out my latest video, during which I describe an often over-looked habit that I wish all my college students would get into at the start of a new term:

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A Quick Tip for Raising Your Grade on Foreign Language Tests


Hablas Español? Français? Learning a new language can be tough!
But it’s also a requirement for college entrance. So you might as well learn a few tricks for raising your grades with less stress on those tests.
Recently, I spoke with a few clients who were struggling with foreign language exams; c
heck out this quick video to see what I recommended, and let me know what you think.

Why Crossing Items Off Your List Decreases Stress

Stress! What if one tiny action could decrease the amount of stress in your life?

I know it may sound too simple, but I’ve discovered the power, not just of making lists, but of crossing things OFF my list. It’s amazing to me how few teenagers actually use this easy de-stressification trick.

What experiences do you have with coming up with creative solutions for decreasing stress? I’d love to hear yours. I’m always updating The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying with the newest tricks I learn.

A Silly Way to Memorize Math Formulas

As midterms approach, that one math test is approaching. Yes, the one that has seven formulas to go with it. How are you ever going to remember all of the formulas without mixing them up?

Here’s a recommendation I made to a student regarding a silly, quick way to memorize math formulas! Check it out and let me know if there is a clever trick that works for you!

Don’t have time for the full video? No worries, I’ve got your back with this short summary:

While many teachers nowadays allow students to have little flashcards or cheat sheets with their math formulas on them, there are still plenty that don’t. So in the case that you need to memorize your math formulas, I recommend finding some silly anti-boring methods for how to get these formulas into your brain. My client Sam and I were doing just this today. He needed to memorize the formula for compound interest which is A=P(1+r/n)nt. Now our brains work very well with narrative and imagery so as I was looking at this formula I came up with a story.

First I noticed that A=P made me think of “ape” so that’s the start of our story. Next, the parenthesis reminds me of a couple of bananas. So the story goes, “Once upon a time there was an A=P, and that ape really wanted some bananas (). So he started by picking 1 banana, but something scared him so he ran off (+r/n), so he did not (nt) get any more bananas.” After we came up with this little story for remembering the formula, I quizzed Sam on the formula verbally and in writing, so we were using all the study senses, and he got it down pat. Afterward, I recommend to his family, that they spend some time coming up with stories for the other formulas he needed to study.

I hope that this tip helped you, and if you have a silly method for memorizing math formulas let me know down in the comments. And if you want more tips on how to study in silly anti-boring ways please consider checking out my course.

A Unique Trick for Summarizing Professor’s Notes

Note-taking can be an overwhelming task, especially when you have professors who don’t have slides for you to follow along. Recently, a client and I brainstormed how to summarize their professor’s lecture notes. The ultimate goal is to be better prepared when it’s time to study for exams!

I’d love to hear your creative ways of summarizing your professor’s notes. Click reply or comment on the blog!

What to Do When You Bomb the Test Even After Studying Well


Do you have that one subject that you study your hardest for, but never seem to get that “A” you were hoping for?

Bombing a test can be very discouraging. Especially when you walk out of the test feeling confident. So, what happens when you get the test back and see that you didn’t do as well as you expected?

Check out the video to see what I recommended and let me know what works for you!

Do You Save Homework for The Times of Day You Are Most Anxious?


Hi There-

Your school day ends (thank goodness!) and you’ve finally returned home. The LAST thing a student typically wants to do is more schoolwork, right?

Recently I was talking with a client who struggled to get their homework done. We quickly realized a pattern! They were doing their homework every day, at the time of day they tended to be most anxious. No fun, and resulted in not getting homework done.

Check out the video below to see if you’re also doing your homework at the wrong time of day!

A Simple Exercise That Relieves Test Anxiety

It’s the week of that big exam that you have been dreading for the past month. As the test rapidly approaches, your anxiety about it increases, making it harder to effectively study.
I recently taught a client a simple exercise to lessen test anxiety. To see what we came up with check out this short video.

Do you have any other ideas on simple techniques that help you decrease your test anxiety? I’d love to hear from you. Comment on the blog!

Why a Hoodie Might Help You Study Better

Do you love to wear hoodies? Did you know that studying with a hoodie might help you focus better on your homework?
One day I was feeling particularly anxious, which made me dread the long list of things I had to do. However, when I wore my hoodie I noticed it was easier to focus and knock my list of things to do down.
To see why wearing a hoodie not only made it easier to focus but also created an environment productive to studying, check out my short video above:.

Disclaimer/Warning: please do not wear your hoodie up in class; after all, it’s easier to participate in classroom activities when your face is visible. This technique for homework anxiety management should only be tried at home when you don’t have to interact with others.
What experiences do you have with coming up with creative solutions for studying when you’re feeling anxious, under the weather, or even have trouble focusing? I’d love to hear yours.

The Painless Way to Find Quotes for Essays

Have you been assigned an essay yet this year? Do you hate the process of finding good quotes as evidence for your argument?
Recently in a session, a client and I discussed this topic and came up with some tips that can aid you (or your student) in finding the perfect quotes. To see what we came up with check out the short video below.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? I’d love to hear them.