Give Me the Crash Course!

Over the next 7 days, we’ll investigate what it takes to get a truly sustainable biz as an academic coach up and running. You’ll learn how I got my business going and some key mistakes I made along the way. I’ll also introduce you to a number of academic coaches who successfully grew their businesses.

This free training is perfect for you if you are —

  • A teacher or counselor hoping to supplement your school income OR considering leaving teaching because of burn out
  • A retired educator who needs to keep on earning a part-time income for 5-10 more years
  • An academic life coach who has recently graduated from a training program, but are having trouble getting your first clients
  • Tutors who struggle to get families to pay decent hourly rates, and suspect (rightly so!) that adding academic life coaching to their skill set can help them up their rates.
  • Life coaches who have gotten clear that their perfect niche is students, but don’t know how to transition from life coaching to the specific requirements related to coaching teens, or…
  • A parent or other curious adult who loves teenagers, loves to organize, and suspects that being an academic life coach could be great fun