As educators, we are well aware of the intentional learning that happens (or doesn’t happen!) in our classrooms and education practices, but what about the unintentional lessons our students receive on a daily basis?

The Hidden Curriculum has long fascinated me. How often do we consider the messaging underlying our textbooks, campus layouts, and teaching techniques? What habits, expectations, and ways of being are reinforced and how do they impact our students’ world and self-view?

In today’s video, I interview, Kelsey Blackwell, a Cultural Somatics Practitioner, as we explore how this messaging manifests itself in the minds and bodies of our students and how it can affect their long-term mental, physical, and emotional health. Let’s unpack what it means for our minds and bodies to be colonized and how we all, but especially women of color, can break free.

The video runs one hour and one minute, so it’s a bigger investment than my usual weekly fare, but I think it’s worth it–especially as we’re starting a new school year and want to be intentional about the spaces we’re creating.

You can watch the video here: 

You can learn more about Kelsey’s amazing work around decolonizing the body at

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