I had originally hoped to have a panel discussion amongst all the new members of Rock Your Biz

However, we are all movers ‘n’ shakers with real lives and couldn’t coordinate schedules. So I decided to interview each of them individually about their experiences starting their own businesses. 

I hope this is helpful for those of you curious about what it’s like to get started in my training program! All three of these amazing educators are 6 weeks in, and their experiences and stories are all so different — even as their passion, hearts, and smarts are big, big, big. 

Meet Chandra. She’s a college professor and aspiring digital nomad who is starting an academic coaching business that supports first generation college students in academic success skills. Hear her reflections about what it’s like trying to find time and space to work on her business in the midst of a full life, how she works with the inevitable vulnerability that comes with learning something new, and her upcoming trip to Columbia, where she’s going to practice being a digital nomad while working through the ROCK YOUR BIZ curriculum.

Meet Lee. He’s a former ESL tutor passionate about helping video game-addicted students who don’t want coaching discover the power of their own competence and skill-building. He just got his first client, and we dove straight into reflecting about what that is like. I even gave him some on-the-spot coaching. If you want to get a sense about what I’m like as a mentor, tune in to this moment.

Meet Edward. He’s a first generation college student who dropped out of college 3+ times before hitting his stride in the world of academic skills. He recently quit a job as a Learning Center Director at a prestigious university to start his own coaching biz. Listen in as he discusses the challenge of allowing yourself to be vulnerable (especially as a minority and a man), and the power of being accepted as you are in the Anti-Boring community.

Would you like to explore whether now is the right time to join one of my programs? If you just want to enhance your academic coaching and executive function toolkit, check out ROCK YOUR COACHING. If you want to get your new coaching practice off the ground once and for all, consider ROCK YOUR BIZ. If you can’t decide, or have questions, sign up for a complimentary conversation with me. 

Our new cohort starts up June 6! Join us!!