Burnout is real. And what we’ve been going through in the past two years has only made it more visible and more prevalent in teachers and students.

Maybe you’re a teacher, student, or parent whose experiencing burnout? Or maybe you’re not in full-blown burnout, but you’re feeling more anxious or exhausted and in need of some routines to help you cope?

Join me and Dr. Kendrea Hart, a school psychologist in a Los Angeles public school, for a discussion of:

  • what Dr. Hart is noticing in the teachers and students in her school (that is likely similar to what you’re noticing in your school or home),
  • the unique challenges teachers have and how addressing those could benefit students, too,
  • why “self-care” isn’t just a buzzword and what schools can do to support teachers in their self-care,
  • our own experiences with burnout and attempts at self-care
  • and so much more!

You’ll notice today’s 60-minute video is much longer than my usual weekly share, but I hope you’ll find it useful. You can check it out here: 

What are your thoughts on this topic?

If our conversation sparked questions or ideas for you, I’d love to hear! Email me and tell me whether we touched on points that are relevant to your experience and if you have suggestions for how to improve the situation for teachers, students, or parents! And if you have an excellent self-care routine you’d like to share, let me know that, too!

Until next week, I’m wishing you whatever you need!


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