Hi there!

Do you want to play a game?

I hope so, because I have a great one to share! It’s super quick and easy, it helps you move forward when you’re feeling stuck or resistant, and you get to give it your own fun name!

Wanna’ know more? Watch this four-minute and 18-second video to get all the details about the game and how it can help YOU stop procrastinating! (Notice I didn’t ask whether you procrastinate? That’s because we ALL do it–even me! Which is why I created the game in the first place.)

So check it out here:

I’d love to hear the name you came up with for this game, along with any juicy details about when happened when you played it! You can hit reply and let me know.

Come back next week to hear the rest of the story….

Wishing you a fun, procrastination-free week!