I train both teachers and academic coaches, and here’s something I’ve noticed — they could be more like each other!

Teachers often are too, well, teachery! They could stand to build more rapport with their students, and use more student-centered language.

Coaches — especially those trained as life coaches — often don’t teach enough skills.

It’s why in my course The Art of Inspiring Students, I like to teach both of these groups a powerful, albeit silly sounding, teaching tool I call The Consent Hamburger.

Here’s the video where I unpack what this means (and also what this has to do with alternatives to calling the police, which is what this series is about)



So what do you think? If you’re a teacher, I’d love to know one thing you could do to be a better coach? If you’re a coach, I’d like to know one thing you could do to be a better teacher?

P.S. Would YOU like some tools about to balance teaching essential skills to students while also honoring their autonomy? The Art of Inspiring Students is an entirely self-paced course designed to set you up for your best school year yet, whether you’re a classroom teacher or an academic coach.