Get a SNEAK PEEK of the upcoming course for educators!

There’s just a week left before the start of my NEW and IMPROVED course for educators, The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically. 

I spent all weekend creating videos and downloadables for the course. Super exciting to see things coming together, and to meet the INCREDIBLE educators who are signing up for the course. You will be in professional development heaven with this new cohort from around the world. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what the course looks like from the inside:

Also, I’ve been hearing soooooooo many success stories — from BOTH the alumni of my program AND the participants in my recent Study Cycle Masterclass — about how the Anti-Boring Strategic Study tools are already making huge shifts for their students this semester!

One of my high school students is really putting the Study Cycle to work for her….it’s AAMMAAAZING to see, and another student could totally tell me what he was going to do after he tested himself,” academic life coach Sarah Weidman reported on Facebook.

I was so super proud of a student today who I know I haven’t discussed the study cycle with in about 8 months or so and she was able to pull it out of her brain when I asked her for a refresher,” tutoring company owner Anna Hasbun added.

It’s not an accident that Sarah’s and Anna’s clients could remember the Study Cycle after several months “off”. I’ve done the hard work to figure out EXACTLY HOW TO TEACH this brain theory, and all the accompanying Strategic Study tools. When you follow my formula and combine it with your own “special sauce”, as Sarah and Anna have done, these lessons really, truly STICK in students’ brains.

If you don’t want to re-invent the wheel — and DO WANT to learn the fastest, most effective ways to teach students how to become agile, independent learners who confidently rock their tests and their learning — please join me for the upcoming course.

Click here to read the full description of the course, and to register! 

Let’s change the world one creative study strategy at a time, y’all!


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