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Nothing can replace the power of a live-in-person training, even if it is “just” virtual. I’ve got two coming up the next two weeks, so click here for more information, and to sign up for those.

Stop the Saboteur! Common Signs You’re Holding Your Biz Back.

Monday, February 19th, 5 pm Pacific.

This brand new FREE Master Class is designed specifically for folks who are frustrated with your biz-building.

Maybe you’re still fantasizing about starting your academic coaching biz, but haven’t taken concrete actions yet? Or you’re struggling to find enough paying clients? Or you’re swamped with clients, but are charging too little and so still can’t make ends meet?

In my years mentoring new academic coaches through the biz-building process, I’ve noticed some patterns, and I’m excited to share them with you — so that you can maximize the speed and efficacy of your business building without falling into these common traps.

Together we’ll explore:

  • The Different Types of Biz-Building Saboteurs, and How to Identify and Befriend Yours (Rather Than Let Them Control the Show).
  • The 5 Necessary Stages of Business Development. Why you should stop trying to skip ahead and instead simply love the stage you’re in.
  • Specific tasks you’re doing that you THINK are helping your biz, but are actually holding you back. Stop doing these now!
  • And more…

Click here to sign up for this Master Class. Then mark your calendar for Monday, February 19th (President’s Day!). 5-6:30pm Pacific / 8-9:30pm Eastern. If you can’t make it live, pop me an email and let me know; we’ll see what we can do.

Casual Q&A: A Sneak Peek into the 2018 Launch Your Biz Training.

Monday, February 26. 5 pm Pacific.

Got questions about my Art of Launching Your Biz training? Wondering if it’s worth the investment and the hype? Let’s chat!

In this Q&A we will:

  • Outline the new and improved training, and let you see (through the magic of screen share) what’s in store this year
  • Let you talk directly to recent graduates about what their experience in the program was like
  • Meet some of the current cohort, so you can begin to imagine who your peers (and new best friends!) will be
  • Find out how much the different versions of the program cost
  • Ask Gretchen your burning questions
  • And more!

The Casual Q&A will be on Monday, February 26 from 5-6: 30 pm Pacific / 8-9: 30 pm Eastern. Sign up here, and don’t forget to mark your calendar!

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