Will This Tool Help ADHD Students Focus?

Do you struggle to focus in class? Does a student you love with ADHD have trouble keeping their mind on the teacher, or on their homework?
I was recently in a 504 meeting for one of my clients with ADHD, and one of the teachers joked that it would be nice to have a gentle little reminder on an activity tracker that would go off every once in a while, and alert her to stay on task.I immediately went to google, and ordered myself one of these Revibes. I thought I’d try it out on myself first, before I recommend it to my clients.

Here I am opening the box for the first time, and telling you all about what it does and how I IMAGINE it might help my students.

In part 2, I’ll report in about what I learned!

Thanks, by the way, for ignoring my messy hair.

 Check out the video:

Don’t have time for the full video? No worries, here’s a short summary:

In this video I am unboxing a Revibe. It is a tool to help remind students with ADHD to stay on task if they get distracted. I do not know how effective it is yet. I am going to be testing this and reporting back on it very soon.

So, while your waiting on me to test out this great tool take a look at The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying. You’ll find a wide range of tools, tips, and advice to help you get all your homework done and have more free time than you think.

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