Welcome to Week Three of  Jamie Ridler’s The Next Chapter: Wreck This Journal! Please enjoy this week’s stories of random wreckage:

1. Control. Controlled creativity. Controlling other people’s creativity. Thanks to my roommate and fellow Wrecker Katherine Kunz, I’ve been thinking about the relationship between control and creativity.  I don’t have any profound thoughts about it yet, but the question of the day for me is, “What is the relationhip between control (or lack thereof) and creativity? Watch the video (above) and you’ll notice Katherine talking questioning her impulse to “control.”

2. Closing time at the local meat market.  I have a fun crush on one of the butchers.  This particular day I realized with glee that the store had just closed.  If I waited outside, my crush was likely to emerge soon.   Sitting on a nearby bench, I opened up Wreck My Journal (I bring it everywhere, after all!) to a random page.  “Dedicated to internal monologue,” it said.  Perfect!  I started writing some affirmations, but quickly transitioned into writing about how silly and nervous I felt:

Internal Monologue about Crushes

3. Camping. On a 24-hour excursion last weekend, I woke up early and decided to take my journal for a walk. With the book bouncing behind me on the end of a string, I hiked the 400 foot drop to Lake Chabot. Through dust.  Over dead leaves. Across fallen eucalyptus bark.   Soon I discovered (to my delight and surprise!) that my book had a 2-foot long tail made out of eucalyptus bark (wish I’d snapped a picture!).  Runners-by look at me like I’m crazy, and I was certainly embarrassed. But I walked on! Here’s a picture of the damage I did:

Wrecked Edges

4.  Last week’s Tuesday night InterPlay class ended. As we chatted near the shoe shelf, I  showed  Marcus my  wrecked journal. The first page I opened invited me to “ask a friend to do something destructive to this page.  Don’t look.”  How serendipitous! Marcus left for 2 minutes and returned grinning, dripping book in hand.  Today I turned to the page and discovered a dried and soapy mess:

Soapy Journal Page

P.S.  In case you’re curious, my crush did come out five minutes later.  I promptly discovered that I’m less enthralled when we’re not discussing what meat I’ll buy.  Now that is fascinating…